Completely booked? NO WAY!


I was at the WDW website, playing around with prices for rooms for March 21-30, and it wouldn’t let me. So then I went to Expedia, and it said that no rooms were available… except at the Swan and Dolphin.

There is no way they’ve already completely booked every single resort, right? They must just not be booking, yet… do you know when they start booking for March 2008? (What about those people who plan their vacations years in advance???) I know it’s 11-month booking for DVC members at their home resorts, but how far in advance can you usually start booking rooms?


They should start booking packages in the next couple of weeks. You can call and book a room right now and change it to a package later.


I think that you can book online up to one year in advance.


I don’t think they load the 2008 rate information on-line until about September/October timeframe. However, if you call WDW directly you should be able to make room only reservations. And I’m sure they’ll tell you that the rates will not be guaranteed until the official rates and package prices have been released.:ohmy:


I know 2008 rates aren’t out yet. In order to book a room only ressie, you will have to call directly. Then when any packages come out, you’ll have to cancel and rebook.


What’s the point of that?

Oh, wait… could I reserve a room for every single resort, and then check the rates and pick my favorite, no charges?


You have to put a deposit down (equal to one night plus tax) in 14 days or it will get dropped.


When you reserve a room you have to pay a deposit on at least the 1st night.


Can I call every fourteen days? :laugh:


I’m not sure what the point would be but I guess you could keep booking a room and letting it get dropped.


I was kidding… I don’t care that much.


Technically the answer to that would “no,” not only 'cause it would require more effort than worth but I don’t think you are able to book rooms being under 18. no?


I wasn’t talking me in terms of me, actually me. I was just saying, could someone do it?

*and actually, I read the asterisk, and it says that 18 and under need parent’s permission before calling. I’ve booked ADRs just fine.


I think booking ADRs and a room are different. Most hotels won’t book a room to anyone under 18 and some it’s 21 but almost every restaurant, including WDW, will let you make a dining reservation if you are under 18.


But I’m quite sure you’d have trouble making a hotel ressie. :happy:


I wasn’t planning on booking any hotel reservations. I’m just playing around. Asking questions.


Gotcha. :cool:


Come on 2008 rates!!


LittleMissMagic, if your parents are interested in booking at WDW, I bet they’d be happy to give you the dates that work for the family and you could investigate resorts and availability. Then, if you find just the right fit for your vacation needs, your parents can call and make the reservation, no problem!

Hope you find a spot that works perfectly for your parents and your family!


My last trip we were supposed to stay at the All Star Music, but they were booked so solid we got moved to the Wilderness lodge. It really was in our favor to have everything booked.