Complimentary upgrades


As we know I bounced a lot with my resort reservations. We originally boed CSR, but had to down grade due to vehicel/family issues. My bf has had a tough time this year with not getting full custody of his son and paying almost half his monthly income in child support. I would like to do something nice and upgrade the hotel. Only thing is I can’t afford it. What are my chances, if I explain that to the cast member upon arrival, that they would be able to do something for me. Could I put it in as a request when I do early check in? I just really want him to have a good time, relax and forget for a week that his son lives 1200 miles away…


I wish I knew how to answer your question, but I don’t. :frown: I do hope everything works out for you and you get an amazing room! I’ve never had an upgrade, so I have no idea how folks get lucky and get them, but it sounds like your BF especially deserves it. I know how hard it is for my brother to pay his child support and know his kids are 90 miles away, and he only gets to see them 2 weekends each month during the school year. Hugs and best wishes sprinkled with pixie dust coming your way!


That is terrible! I am sorry that I don’t have any ideas but I hope everything works out. Please keep us posted as to what happens!


The only resort we have ever received a free upgrade at is the AKL. We never book a savannah view and for the past 3 or 4 stays we have always been upgraded to the savannah view. A couple of times we even got the bunk bed savannah view room.


We received an upgrade twice…once at the Contemporary and once at the Boardwalk
both times we ended up on the club level. It was really nice.


Yes, we’ve been upgraded to a savanah view also at AKL, but the way I’m reading your thread, are you wanting a room upgrade, or a resort upgrade? If its a resort upgrade, I think your chances are slim. If my memory serves me right, I’ve only heard of that happening once with one of our Mousebuzzers being moved to a DVC resort. We once were moved from CBR to AKL because of the food court being closed for a couple of days, and even with that, we had to pay more money towards the room because we upgraded from a Mod to a Deluxe.

I wouldn’t worry about the room. I know you are saying bf is bummed right now about the downgrade, but you still will be at Disney. Just keep what you have, hope for the best if you do request an upgrade and enjoy!


I’m wondering the same thing.
I’m reading this as you asking what the chance of a resort change is.
If that’s the question, you’ve next to no chance of getting upgraded gratis from a value to a mod or from a mod to a deluxe.

As for upgrades at your hotel, that’s possible, but I couldn’t tell you what your odds are. Also, depending on where you’re staying, the upgrade might not even be noticeable (there isn’t any difference between a preferred room and a regular room at one of the values).

I hope I’m not disappointing you too much.


In all of our trips (30+) we have received one noticeable upgrade: to a Magic Kingdom view room at the Poly. We were already booked into the Poly, so it wasn’t a resort change. I really don’t ever hear about resort upgrades at all anymore, sorry. As Soundgod said, a room upgrade wouldn’t be very noticeable at Pop. Enjoy the magic and don’t worry about the upgrade. You’ll have a fabulous time!


I’m already at a preferred room @pop. Oh well, I guess all I can do is ask and hope for the best


Here’s an interesting “semi” upgrade I got when we stayed at the Boardwalk. We’d already booked 5 or 6 days ( I don’t quite remember) and then once there, we decided to add a day. We were already staying club level, but a club level room wasn’t available for the extra day. We had an Epcot backstage/quiet pool view room. For the last day, we had to move to a non club level room with a boardwalk view (actually right above Flying Fish’s dining room) looking across the grass quad at the villas wing, just the other side of the door to the club level wing. Here comes the sideways upgrade. We got the room for the cost of a non boardwalk view and we were given club lounge access and club concierge available. Now, technically, our original room key would give us access into the lounge up until midnight on our check out day, but still at the end of the day, we had a boardwalk view “club level” room for the price of a standard view regular room and the key to the new room also opened the club level door.
We’ve also been upgraded from garden wing to Bay Lake view tower room at the Contemporary as well as getting upgraded for our first night at the Beach to club level into the room we were not supposed to check into until the next day (again, this was originally just an extra day added later and was only supposed to be a regular room.
I think we were also upgraded once at Yacht from a garden view room to a water view room.


I’m not sure how many trips we’ve taken (mostly value level and then dvc) but we’ve never gotten an upgrade. Not even from a standard room to preferred.


Because of the way the parking lots are laid out at Pop, I’d much rather be in building 8 instead of being in a preferred room.
If I have to lug that cooler and bags too far, my back hurts.


Honestly, out of all of our trips, we did the same thing. We got a Park View at Poly. You know what, it sold us on Disney. I would not count on a resort upgrade, that has to be ridiculously rare. However, even asking people at the resorts, room upgrades are really rare.

I think we got a room upgrade because 1. It was our 10th wedding anniversary, which I noted in the system. 2. My 5 year old at the time asked the desk clerk “Will I be able to see the castle?” and 3. I felt HORRIBLE and asked her point blank “Okay ma’am, what would it cost for us to upgrade?”.

Yes, my daughter is spoiled, but they, being Disney, catered to my beautiful little girl.

Would I condone such a thing? Not really. I felt bad that we got it that way. But, it was a great trip and out of all the places we have stayed, I dream of the Poly still to this day. That is my version of heaven and the best vacation we have ever had.

Good luck, sorry about your issues. There doesn’t seem to be a magic answer for Disney, it is a tough question to answer.


Friends of ours got upgraded a few weeks ago at the Grand Floridian. They had 2 rooms and were upgraded to Concierge - that’s a HUGE upgrade and the weird thing is they didn’t even ask for it.:huh:


The only times I have heard of a resort upgrade is if a resort overbooks themselves and another resort has a room available.

I have had several complimentary upgrades within the same hotel. It usually happens by taking a little bit of a risk though. Book the less expensive room (garden wing at contemporary) during a time that the hotel has many rooms available. They are more likely to upgrade you to a tower view. Just happened for me during the last weekend of August.


We’ve been many times, and never received an upgrade. I hope you have better luck, and no matter what, I think you will have a magical vacation! Enjoy every minute!


My friend who I booked a trip for at ASMo just got back last week and had Key problems so was upgraded to prefered but then she was bummed because she liked her Mighty Duck room better