? concerning DDP and prepaid meals


DS and his new wife will be eating breakfast at cinderella castle. I have thought to just pay out of pocket for this meal, but if they use the DDP, how long before a credit is refunded on the credit card? I know it’s not a good use of credits, but just in case they don’t use TS meals as planned up to that point, I thought they should use it for that meal.


7- 10 business day just like with any other purchase…may be faster. I would avoid doing the DDP for a prepaid meal and just avoid the hassle. Let your son figure it out.


Well, all the meals were planned but because it’s suppose to be in the low 80’s they may go to a water park one day and that would throw the plan off. I wanted to be sure cause it’s my credit card. Paying for part of their honeymoon was their wedding present.


I would tell them to just use the tables as they are suppose to so you don’t have to worry about credits etc. I understand why you want to be sure, being your credit card, I am just saying that maybe you should let them worry about it when they get there. Just make sure he’s informed about the prepaid meal and the DDP and what the difference is.


I would definitely pay OOP for CRT breakfast. Just not a good use of 2 TS credits, IMHO.


You’re right it’s not a good use, but if it comes to that they missed some other meals, I may just tell them to use the credits for CRT. They don’t get in until about 7 or so on sunday and leave by noon on saturday, so they using 6 credits in 5 days as it is. I had only added the dining plan the other day. I was going back and forth for weeks what to do. Now that the chance of going to a waterpark came up, it just threw another option to fit in.


Totally agree not worth the 2 TS credits.


i didn’t think the credit card got charged until the bill came, so there should be no need for a credit if they decide to use the DDP?