Concierge level worth it?


Just wondering if concierge club level is worth the money. If so, which is better Poly or WL? Are concierge rooms bigger?


I have no idea, but I would think that there is not much difference in room size. The Poly rooms are larger than the WL… but I do not know anything about concierge level, though…

I have never stayed at them, because I cannot justify the difference in price.


We did the concierge level at the Grand Californian last year (had DVC points that were ready to expire) so we decided to try it.

There was a room at the top level with drinks, finger foods, desserts, and a cool place to watch the fireworks.

The room was the same and would never spend the extra money. Not worth it for sure.

I even thought “Hey, I’ll ask the concierge if they can get us some vip seats for the parade, or for Alladin, or something like that.” They didn’t have anything special at all.

When you go to a five star hotel, that guy (or girl) is your best friend, but I didn’t get much help from the CM’s there.


I love the concierge service at AKL simply because you can participate in the sunrise safari. This is a definite must see at least once. Also, AKL concierge is only a few dollars more then a regular Savannah view bunk bed room so since that was what we needed with two teenage boys I didn’t mind upgrading. We had our breakfast there every morning from cereal, oatmeal and bagels. We didn’t need to buy snacks because they had plenty to bring back to the room. And when my husband needed a beer after a long day at the park, they had plenty to refresh him.

This is the only resort I can help you with and IMO its worth the upgrade. Check out All ears…they have reviews on all concierge resorts and it seems that the Boardwalk has the best.


If you can afford it, yes, as long as you are able to make full use of the concierge staff and lounge.
The rooms at the Poly are bigger than the rooms at WL, concierge rooms are the same size as regular rooms at both hotels.
On the other hand, the WL costs a bit less than the Poly.
And remember, as a concierge guest, you have access to concierge booking services as soon as you’ve made your reservation and this can come in handy when trying to book Illuminations cruises.


I don’t know if we would use the services enough to warrant it or not. DH says we wouldn’t. We are planning on staying at Poly. Standard room for 5 of us. We have the dining plan. I just thought maybe concierge would be a nice something more. It may be a money wasted if we do not have a chance to use the lounge quite a bit.


We had concierge service on the cruise (same thing - had to use up DVC points before they expired) and well, if I had been paying for it, I think I would have been ticked. Maybe I just don’t “do” concierge well, but it was nothing special…


We have done concierge elsewhere, but not at WDW. However, the one thing we loved is the same at WDW. We are not big eaters. We love food, but don’t want to be in restaurants all the time while we are on vacation. So concierge is good for us, because we can grab coffee and a small bite of food in the morning (included in the price!), grab some snacks later in the day, have a quick cocktial before heading out for the evening… it just really works into the schedule and frees up pour time. So convenient.

It is my fantasy to go concierge at WDW someday…