Concierge Level?


We are thinking about trying to get in the AKL (DVC) for our May trip at the Concierge level. Has anyone done this? Is is worth it? We really want to stay at the AKL Savanna side but what little I was told was that you get a Concierge room but no gaurentee that you will get Savanna view, is this true? We really want to do the Safari that you can only get staying Concierge level. We also wanted to stay in the new DVC rooms but then we can not get into the Safari. HELP! :confused: :laugh:


I enjoyed our concierge stay at the AKL but we had a one bedroom suite with a great savannah view. I know the other concierge rooms were located on the upper floors near the lounge and they seem to face the pool area but I am sure there are some that have savannah views. I would have thought it was just something you pay for the view since that is how it is with the standard rooms.

The concierge was worth the cost even if the lounge was very far from our room. We are use to being close to the lounge like at the Polynesian. If you are doing it just for the sunrise safari maybe consider a different resort concierge and do the Wildlife Discovery Excursion that is open to any Disney concierge guests and I am told is a great experience.

Wildlife Discovery Excursions for Disney Concierge Guests




AKL only has so many concierge rooms on the dedicated concierge floor, the sixth. In times of overflow, they also book rooms down the Kudu Trail that look out on the Arusha and Sunset Savannahs as concierge. We wound up one floor down from the lounge, but were able to use the back staircase rather than hike out to the elevators and back.
We did the Sunrise Safari, and it is decidedly different than the Wildlife Excursion. For the Safari, you all gather in the lounge for a quick continental breakfast before your bus arrives to take the group over to the park. That’s right, a full sized Disney Transport bus. Once at AK, you are taken backstage to the loading area for the Kilimanjaro Safari. From there, you board a standard KS open air tour vehicle and you run the route of the safari. The difference is that the park isn’t open, and your tour guides are animal care and zoology specialists and this isn’t the canned ride spiel. You are able to stop often for pictures and can get answers to almost any question you could think of. By the time your tour is finishing, the first riders of the day should be lining up to board. After the tour’s conclusion, your group is taken to a private dinning room in Tusker House for a semi-traditional African breakfast.
I do like the AKL quite a bit, but it’s too far from the rest of WDW for my liking.


We’re going in May too and plan on staying at AKL as well. Thanks for asking the questions because I am doin research on rooms and the views too.


you may have to check too see if is being offered through the vacation club we just got back two weeks ago and it was not being offered they are still remodeling for the vacation club i still think they are working on how the vacation club works(employees)we had a few problems while we stayed there for 12 days


Thanks everyone for the information. I have thought about staying at the concierge level so we could do the safari and then moving but I really don’t want to do that.

What all do you get at the concierge level? I know that they can make our dining reservations but I can do that too. What else do they offer?


We have done AKL concierge level 3 times now and it is great. We had a savannah view room all 3 times. The lounge has great food through out the day. And several times we wanted ADRs and I couldn’t get the times we wanted but they were able to get them for me. They also helped with some special things when my aunt got sick and ended up in the emergency room one night.


AKL concierge is wonderful. The cast members will help you in any way they can. The Sunrise Safari is one of my favorite “off the beaten path” experiences at WDW - well worth every penny and not to be missed. You learn a little bit of what goes on behind the scenes, they stop the truck for you to take pictures, and the breakfast buffet is the best on property.