Concourse Steak House


We were considering this for our Anniversary late lunch/early dinner place to eat. Any opinions?


I like the food fine and it is fun to see the monorail pass by but it can be loud sometimes seeing as it is next door to Chef Mickey’s. :smile:


We were just there on the last night of our trip. The monorail going by was nice and the food was pretty good, but not great. We were on day 9 of the dining plan and not super hungry so keep that in mind. My DH and I both agreed that we’ve been there, done that. I’m glad we tried it but there was just no Wow! factor to it.


We really enjoyed ourselves at The Concourse.

The Reasons Why The Concourse Was Great
By: Erin Joleen Swiger

  1. The Contemporary is one of our favorite resorts. We find it magical, but not everyone does. (It stems from being a kid and riding in through the express monorail - and thinking, those people staying here are the luckiest in the world…)

  2. The monorail passing by while eating makes me feel like one of the luckiest people in the world…(now the people on the monorail get to look at me! HAHA!)

  3. The service was GREAT!

  4. The food was pretty good. According to Matt the ceasar salad was excellent, the steak was good. Matt wasn’t a fan of the potatoes (he would of preferred a baked to the smashed). I had a pasta dish that was extremely tastey, and my creme brulee was YUMMMY! I had a table near the dessert area, and I saw her make it.

Over all, there is BETTER food, but, I have found that in Walt Disney World, the dining experience depends alot on the atmosphere (and not entirely on the food) - and if the Contemporary has ‘atmosphere’ to you, like it does to us - then, you’ll love it.

The End.

I’m feeling chatty today.


I have heard just what you are hearing about the Concorse, it was good, not “TERRIFIC!!!” When we are down in Sept., it will be my inlaws anniversary, we have booked them dinner at the Yachtsman Steakhouse. The Passporter says it is one of the best steakhouses in the “World” and that the restaurant is/was rumored to be Michael Eisners favorite on property. That was a good enough recommendation for us.

Being that it is your anniversary, I would suggest that you try something a little nicer, how about Narcoosees or California Grill ( at “Wishes” time - how romantic!!!)? Check out their menues on ALLEARS and see if they appeal to you!!! That is just my opinion though, but whatever you do, have a wonderful and “Magical” anniversary!!!


I ate there in January of 05. I didn’t care for it. I hated the location and the noise level was off the hook due to chef’s and the monorail. I would suggest California Grill for your dinner if those two things would steal some romance from your special dinner. The food and service were just fine though.


Did you really say “off the hook” :wink: :tongue:

I can be loud though. :smile:


Why yes I did…lol Showing my “teen-talk” Like that? lolol


I’ve eaten at many wonderful steak resturants and this one is not one of them. the food is not that great at all. eat somewhere else. like victoria and alberts. treat yourself.


Thank you for the help. We would do something better (romantic), but we will have my son with us. Our plan is to do a family late lunch/early dinner, and then put him in a kids club. After that, the parents play. This way, we have time to do some rides together without the little guy. The Contemperary is where we are staying, and the kids club will probably be Neverland. It’s just convenience. But, since we have never been to the steakhouse, I wanted a heads up to what to expect.

Thanks All


Since you’re going to me at the Poly to drop your DS off at the NeverLand Club have you thought about an early dinner at 'Ohana? I think it’s much better than Concourse and you have to go the the Poly anyway.


I like your idea steph.


Thans, Dana. I just wasn’t wowed at Concourse, it was fine just nothing great. 'Ohana, on the other hand, is a family favorite.


Concourse didn’t “do it” for me either.

Nokey -you could even go to Kona Kafe at the Polynesian if not O’hanna. Both are better than the Concourse in my opinion.


I didn’t even think of Kona, good suggestion. I’ve always wanted to try it but I think I would miss 'Ohana if we were that close and didn’t eat there.


Kona is FAbulous…I love TONGA TOAST~


We always enjoy the Concourse Steak House. Food is good, service is fast, but not rushed. Good if you want a nice dinner, but want to get back to the park.


I hear Ohana is greatttttt! we have ADR’s for Sept. I also hear the Poly has an awsome place for breakfast, is that Kona? I hear the coffee is FABULOUS!!! Is this a place where you sit down to eat or is it a counter service?


Kona is a sit down restaurant. I haven’t been there but I’ve heard only great things about it.


Well I have ressies for Concourse but mainly for the Key Lime Pie… anyone know how their pie is? I loooovvvveee a good key lime pie!!1