Concourse Steakhouse Question


We will be in the “World” at the end of March and I was wanting to dine at the Concourse Steakhouse at the Comtempory Resort. I was wondering what would be a good time to make the reservation in order to be there to catch Wishes fireworks from MK. Also are you required to dress for dinner there???


I heard the restaurant was moving but I really don’t know where it’s going to be after the move. I do know that you can’t view Wishes from the current location.


Concourse isn’t moving so much as dying. As part of plans, the Food and Fun Center’s space is being converted to a new restaurant. Once that’s ready, Concourse closes. There’s plenty of indirect sunlight, but no views outside. If you’re looking for a panoramic view from on high, you’re wanting California Grill. There is an observation deck on the north end of the concourse itself, but it’s not as clear a view as you can get from the roof. Dress for all WDW restaurants is resort casual. The signatures prefer a collared golf shirt, but are now OK with t shirts. All ban cut offs, ripped clothing, bathing suits, bare feet, etc.


Wishes performance times vary and are either 8, 9, or 10, depending on the park’s operating schedule. The special event fireworks are usually 9:30.


It is scheduled to close sometime in April of 08.

Soundgod is correct. If you want to see the fireworks CG is the way to go.
If you just want to eat outside the park and head over for wishes than CS is a good choice. It is a short walk to the MK but give yourself an hour from the time you think you will be done eating. This will give you some time to walk and not rush after a big meal and get through bag check and lines. You should still be early enough to find a good spot too.

This is what you will miss if you don’t do CG


Ohmy, what great pictures, I am happy that you posted them. I have an ADR there in November, Yippppppeeeeeeee :happy:


You are in for a real treat.

The food and service were excellent and the fireworks are so cool from up there.


Yeah, the observation deck is on the 4th story vs. the obersvation deck outside of California Grill on the top of the hotel. However, there is a huge price difference in between eating at Concourse vs. California.

Dakscott, are you planning on watching the Fireworks from the hotel? Or, are you planning on going to MK to watch Wishes? If you are going to travel back to the park, I’d do dinner at least 2 hours before the fireworks. If you are planning on watching them from the observation deck, I’d give at least an hour and a half. As Soundgod mention, Concourse Steakhouse is kinda dying. You probably won’t have much of a problem getting right in when your ADR is scheduled.

If you really are looking for a place to watch the fireworks and eat. I’ll toss out my two cents and give another recommendation. Narcoossee’s at the Grand Floridian will run you at least $10-15 extra per person. Still a lot cheaper than California Grill. But, if you like seafood… Narcoossee’s is a great place to eat and has an fantastic view of Wishes. They also play the music on speakers at the dock.


Narcoossee’s is one of my favorites. The viewing deck is just a bonus. We watched the Pirate and Princess party fireworks from the deck on Labor Day. For some things, many things, the prices are on par with Cali Grill, but Cali Grill does have a more varied menu.


OMG! Those are some of the best Wishes pictures I have seen!!


The pcitures are great!

This post is also getting me very hungry - and you know…that 5 lbs gotta go!!


When we were there Councourse wasn’t as good as we had expected, you don’t have to dress up