Concourse steakhouse


Just read on allears that the Concourse Steakhouse will close for good in May 2008 to make way for a quick service counter due to open in Fall 2008. Anyone disappointed? I must say in all the years of coing to Chef Mickeys and the Contempory for drinks, visit etc…I can only rememeber it being about a 3rd full at any one time anyway. Maybe it was an easy decision for them to close it? I just can’t see a quick service eatery looking right there though?


Don’t know the layout of CR very well. Is this steakhouse in the middle of the hotel like Chef Mickey’s? I mean, can you see it from the monorail?


that’s the one MissDisney. :happy:


I’m just guessing, but I would think a fast serve could do well there. I mean, even beyond the hotel guests who want a quick bite, how many people get turned down at Chef Mickeys and go off looking for something else? And as far as the look of it goes, I have faith that they will do something cool.

I only ate there once and it wasn’t noteworthy. (except for getting my first glowing martini!)


I went there twice…first time was pretty good. Last trip, it was AWFUL. It is literally right next to Chef Mickey’s. There will be a new TS restaurant at the Contemporary sometime this year, too. I forgot the name of it…but I THINK it will be downstairs.


Yes the replacement sit down will be downstairs where the current fast food/game room is located.


I was going to post something similar.
The new restaurant, which has been under construction since the middle of 2007, is called “The Wave”. It is scheduled to open in May and most, if not all of the Contemporary Steakhouse’s staff will be moving there.
This is why they closed the Food and Fun Center dining room, serving area and arcade and created Contempo to Go.
Once The Wave opens, they’ll be able to deconstruct Contemporary Steakhouse and build a permanent Contempo to Go. I think the arcade is staying where it is as well.
As for crowding at the steakhouse, I’ve seen it on the empty side and I’ve seen it beyond full with a long wait for a table even with reservations.
By the way, the steaks at the steakhouse are good, as is the rest of their menu. It’s just pretty standard fare, that’s why it’s boring. But I wouldn’t say it was awful.


We tried it a couple of years ago and LOVED it. In August, it really was AWFUL for us. Everything about it…service, food quality, food temperature, flat sodas…everything. We also made the mistake of going there the day after we went to Le Cellier. :laugh: I hope others have a much better experience than we did.


I was excited to try Concourse a couple of years ago and it was just so so. The steak wasn’t great but wasn’t bad either, just ok. Our whole meal was just ok, one of those been there done that kind of places.

I think they are very smart to move the sit down restaurant, they are putting the places people can just drop in where the people pass by. With the arcade next to Chef Mickey’s we have used it every time we’ve been to Chef Mickey’s, smart on Disney’s part because we never would have tracked it down to spend the money. We also drop by the CR when we are using the monorail, if we’re hungry and there a fast food place near by I am sure my son is going to want some fries.


We were supposed to go there on our last trip, but we cancelled the adr’s, and went to Mayan Grill instead. We decided to just stay in at our hotel. I think a quick service would be great there and I think that they would theme it perfectly.


Did you L:heart: VE Maya Grill??? It is DH’s favorite in all of WDW now!


Here’s a little secret I’ve been given at a few of the WDW restaurants.
They all serve the same steaks. That is, all WDW beef is pretty much single sourced and to a uniform specification. That means Narcoossee’s, Yachtsman’s, Le Cellier, and Concourse all serve the exact same filet mignon and rib eye.


Actually, that’s not completely correct, Doug. The steaks at LeCellier are beef shipped from Alberta. It’s stated on the menu and we’ve had discussions about it with the staff. It’s very odd, but although I’ve had good steaks at other restaurants at WDW, as soon as I taste a LeCellier steak I KNOW that it’s different. It tastes like home. My dh has made the same observation.


I have never been to Concourse but I always thought it was a little weird to have a nice sit down type of restaurant share an air space with Chef Mickeys…I can’t wait to hear about The Wave when it opens!


Really, Le Cellier serves imported Canadian beef? Interesting.