Conditions for Fl res tickets?


I cannot find any place that spells out conditions on residence tickets. I own property, but it is not a primary residence. Does this matter? I guess I could put up a mailbox, but there is nothing on the property. I have relatives next to it though. Does this count? :huh:


Sorry don’t know specifics but I know in order to purchase you must have a FL id in hand for each adult. check out got to FL residents type in zip then read about conditions to purchase tickets. It lists all the acceptable forms of ID. Hope this helps


So, I see you’re in Atlanta. I’m in Savannah. I sure wish they had discounts for those within a certain area. I am closer to WDW than some in Fl. What gives? Oh well, I heard they once had discounts for us. Maybe again one day, cause I would go alot more.


I think they should have discounts for people named Andrea. Right, cosmicwaves? :tongue:

I’ve heard about those mythical Georgia discounts. I wouldn’t turn my nose up at one!


You used to have to show proof of residency (like a light bill) I THINK.

Now, you have to show a valid FL Driver license.


Hey there tenrsingr. I grew up on Wilmington Island, so I was glad to see you are from Savannah. At one time, I had heard about a Georgia resident Discount, but I am told it does not exist. Sorry to see you can’t claim Florida as your Primary Resident.


What if I had my brother, who is a resident - lives < 5 miles from Disney, just get the lodging? I can handle the tickets well enough. Most of the benies come in the lodging anyway. He can check in and I can handle it from there? Or is this a no-no?


He can book your lodging for you. :c)

He has to check in with you, though!


Thats cool, because I don’t think he would mind. I could probably save enough to buy the tickets! :biggrin: