Condor Flats concept re-do art


Here is a link to one of the possible looks of the now ‘Condor Flats’ land in DCA. This isnt exactly what it is going to be like but it will be in that general look of what Condor Flats is to become. Its also in the Disney Mountains book for those of you who have may already seen this picture

I thought yall might like to see it, enjoy!


Not too different from what I remember about DCA, but still neat. Thanks for sharing!


You are amazing getting soooo much info!!! thanks and keep it coming


Um, what’s with the trolly and land rover thingy? :confused:


I don’t see that much of a huge difference. Are we sure this wasn’t a PREVIOUS sketch of what the Condor Flats area might have looked like before they actually started building? The only reason I ask is because this looks more like designs I’ve seen for other parks where some little things were scratched once construction started. To me it doesn’t really look like a REmake, it looks more like a PREmake.

Where would those Rover things bring you? :laugh: From Soarin’ over to the entrance of Grizzly? That area isn’t really that big to warrant themed vehicles in my opinion. Unless they crossed over into an area not fitting the theme. :huh:

OH, and not to mention… the other reason I ask if this is an old sketch or not is because the appearance of that trolley. Everything I’ve read about the great DCA re-make mentioned plans to PHASE OUT many of the San Fran references, INCLUDING the bridge at the entrance. Why would they ADD a trolley, doesn’t make sense to me.


So Ive heard questions about the trolley and vehicles mentioned in the picture, this is the reasoning.

1st, The new plans for Condor Flats first off is to re-phase it to match the Grizzley Peak area into a much more forrestry area so as in building wise you will see changes to the facades but the overall walkways and land layout wont change much.

2nd, for the Trolleys and cars. The new plan is for the central entry plaza to be a 1930s LA Transportaion hub which will feature 1930s style trolleys and cars (much like MS operation) that will pick up guests and circle them around the hub and all these cars will then take you into Hollywood Blvd into the new 1920s style theme of Hollywood where you can either A) get off and stay in 1920s Hollywood or B) stay on and go for a ride down Hollywood Blvd and then back into the plaza and be on your way.

You see a very LA/beachy style trolley next to a Mountain themed truck because they have to have it to where you are in a subtle mode of transition of one land to another, so they do this by adding a few elements outside of the land itself.

Thats why you see the cars and such in the picture.


Phase out? Oddly, I thought San Francisco is one of the parts of California least represented in CAR…

I mean, other than the bridge, and the sourdough bread factory, there ain’t much referencing San Francisco at all…

No Chinese restaurant for China town, for example…


I like the idea of a trolley. But I agree the sketch looks like current area. Thanks for keeping us up to date…


I assure you all, this is new art that was made a year or so ago in terms to help get DCAs budget raised to what it is now. It was sent from someone who works with the ‘biggies’ down at the studios.