Confimed all my ADR's (PS's really)


DH phoned Disney last night to confim all our PS’s and they were all there!!! :ohmy: :mickey: :biggrin:

He even added notes about DD 13th birthday and our wedding anniverary, isn’t he a sweetie?

Now just to double check the packing and wait! Waiting is the hardest bit! At least I have you guys to wait with :biggrin:


You are so good. I know that I need to start packing, but with us preparing to sell the house, I have not even thought about our trip. That is not like me at all. DH leaves this Saturday, so we have been frantically cleaning out closets and finishing up all of our little projects around the house. I can’t believe that I leave for Disney in less than 2 weeks. I bet you are really excited about your long trip too! Not much longer now. :smile:


You are getting SO close!


I’m leaving soon too, but haven’t even thought about the trip. We planned it before my best friend (and fellow Disney fanatic) was diagnosed with breast cancer, and the past two months have been a flurry of doctor’s appointments, surgeries, and medical bills.

The trip we took in October–between surgeries–was truly magical. We were able to forget all about the realities she was facing with her health. I’m hoping that this trip offers the same respite. But for the time being, we haven’t even thought about packing! Maybe it’s time for a quick pre-departure trip to the World of Disney Store to start getting our happy juices flowing!


I am sorry to hear about your friend, but WDW is a magical place that makes you forget all your troubles for a little while!
You need to pack you leave before me and 10 days isn’t very long, it will be here sooner than you think!
Have a great trip!


missy h, bali – aren’tyou both getting so excited???


I am way too excited. I sit having dinner with my girls and I keep saying what w will be doing in so many days! I know the girls I work with are getting the worst of my excitement, everyday I am at work I have to tell them how many days I have left! What can I say i am very EXCITED!


I know exactly what you mean. My class can tell anyone who wants to know how much longer until my month long adventure at Disney. Bali, I hope this trip is just the magic that you and your friend need.


We’ll pack this weekend I hope! Thank you for your well wishes and I think we will definitely forget our troubles for the few days we’re there. Thanks, also, Miss Disney for your kind words. Walt Disney World is such a happy and cheerful place, and I imagine its even happier at Christmas time. God bless us, everyone! :angel: :happy: