Confirmation Wrong?


Hello fellow MouseBUZZERS…I just got and email from WDW with the details of my upcoming trip in 30 days…I noticed that listed on the confirmation was the DDP…listed as Table Service-1 per person, per night…same with the Snack option…BUT the quick Service Meal is listed as “1 Per person”…the “per night” is not there.

Should I call WDW to ask or has anyone else seen this on your confirmation???


Call if it will set your mind at ease.
But it confirms you have the regular dining plan attached to your reservation for the length of stay regardless what the breakout says.


Why not wait until 10 days out do the on line check in then 3 days out phone resort to make any extra request and highlight your distressing concerns about your dining package.

They might flick the upgrade switch :whistling:wink:


Call and set your mind at rest. It’s probably nothing, but why worry about it if you don’t have to?


What Llama said.


Ditto to Llama. For me, having everything nailed down before arrival is the only ay to go, because very moment spent at check-in is agony!!! I want ot get out and PLAY!


I just recived the booklet and luggage tags in the mail today…the booklet also states that the Quick Service meal is “one per person”…not per day. I think I will call in the morning to confirm.


Hope it all works out :slight_smile:


There have been times when I’ve been in the check-in line and I see a happy bunch of kids who just climbed out of their cars and were at the resort for the first time ever, and they are happily sitting on tiny chairs in the lobby, watching a Disney cartoon on the television. And I think, hey can I go sit with them instead of standing in the adult line for the adult check-in!

This may be a threadjack, but I wanted to ask if anyone has had better luck with the online check-in than I have. Maybe I did something wrong? We arrived at SSR having checked in online, and we had to get in a long line for people who had already checked in. The regular line (I think of that as the standby line! LOL) moved faster and was much shorter.


We have checked in online three times now at POFQ, All Star Sports, and POP. We had to wait for one person at POP. The two other times there was no wait at all and the POP and POFQ regular lines were huge.


OK, then we will give it another try!


I’ve never checked in on line and have never had to wait much longer than those who have already checked in virtually.
Me? I prefer to do it face to face. It also let’s me decide at the last minute which card I’ll put the room charges on.