Confirmed Dining Plan "Snacks"


Saw this on another site and thought I would share it with you guys!
Below are confirmed items that can be used for your snack credit on the dining plan. If an item is not listed, it has not been confirmed as a snack option.
If someone comes across a new item not shown, please post & I will add it.


Main Street Ice Cream Shop

All ice cream except the Waffle Bowl

Main Street Confectionery (not listed in brochure)


Enchanted Cove/Fantasyland:

Strawberry Swirl $3.09
Lemonade Slush $3.29
Raspberry Lemonade Slush $3.29

Prarie Outpost

Cotton Candy $3.00

Scuttles Landing:

Frozen Coke

Mrs. Potts:

Sundae $3.09
Fudge Brownie Sundae $3.59
Milkshakes $2.99
Strawberry shortcake $3.59
Soft serve ice cream $2.89
Chocolate chunk cookie $1.59
Float $3.19

Village Fry Shoppe

McDonald Fries (both sizes) lg. $2.69 reg. $1.99
Carrot cake $2.49
Jello $.89


chili $1.79
French fries $1.89
Cracker jacks $0.99

Aloha Isle:

Dole Whip Soft Serve $2.89
Pineapple Float $3.49
Coke or Rootbeer Float $3.19

MK bakery:

Cinnamon rolls
Choc.chip ice cream sandwich
french toast loaf

Auntie Gravity’s:

Soft serve ice cream $2.89
Floats $3.19
Sundaes $3.09
Fruit Smoothies $3.49

Lunching Pad:

Spicy Cheese Pretzel $3.79
Cream Cheese Pretzel $3.79

Liberty Square Market

Corn on the Cob $2.00
Baked Potato $3.49

Sleepy Hollow

Funnel cakes $3.29
*Strawberry funnel cake & caramel corn bucket not a snack option

Pinocchio Village Haus
Figaro Fries $3.19
Milkshake $2.99
Chocolate Cake $2.49
Cannoli $2.49
Rice Crisp Treat $2.49
Salad $2.19
Fries $1.89


cinnamon almonds & salter cashews
Pork, Shrimp & Vegetable eggrolls/Adventureland $2.00
Vegetable Curry Samosas/Adventureland $1.60


Fountainview Cafe:

Smoothies $3.79
Croissants, Plain/Cinnamon/Chocolate Pecan $2.79
Bagel w/ Cream cheese $2.29
Fruit or Cheese Pastry $2.79
Muffins $1.79
Chocolate Chip Cookie Chocolate Truffle Cake $3.99
Soarin’ Orange Creme Brulee $3.29
Chocolate Mousse $2.79
Fresh Fruit Croissant $3.29
Fresh Fruit Cup $2.29
Coconut Flan $3.29
Fruit Tulip $3.99
Boston Cream $2.79
Fountainview Cheesecake $3.29
Butterfinger Cheesecake $3.29
No Sugar Cheesecake $2.79
No Sugar Brownie $2.79


pretzels $3.39


school bread $2.49
creme horns $3.09
danish $1.99
cinnamon roll $2.79
sweet pretzels $3.79


Mcdonalds french fries
4 piece chicken nuggets


Dino-bite Snacks

Churros $2.29
Cookies $1.59
Chips $2.29
Yogurt $1.99

Flame Tree:

Onion Rings $3.79

Tamu Tamu Cafe:

waffle cones $3.79
Soda Floats $3.59
Hot Fudge or Strawberry Sundae $3.79
Soft Serve cup $2.89
Yogurt Smoothies;
Strawberry&banana, Tropical Fruit or Cappuccino $3.79

Kusafiri Coffee Shop & Bakery:

Assorted pastries, muffins, cakes & cookies $1.59-$3.99
Espresso $2.69
Double Espresso $3.69
Cappuccino $3.19

Mcdonald french fries $2.39

side salad $1.49
breadsticks & sauce $3.99


waffle cones $3.79

steamed pork buns $1.99

Min & Bill’s Dockside

Spicy Cheese Stuffed Pretzel $3.79
Apple Cinnamon Stuffed Dessert Pretzel $3.79
Pretzel $3.29
Vanilla or Chocolate shake $2.89
Frozen Lemonade $3.29
Chips $2.39
Cookie $1.79

Sunset Ranch Market
Frozen lemonade



Box of Character Cookies
Candy bars
Bag of Goofy’s gummies
Dark chocolate covered mint squares
Almond turtles


Fruit bowls
side salads
carrot cake
chocolate mousse dome
zebra domes and chocolate mousse
cheesecake and raspberry sauce


Cinnamon Bun $2.59
Chocolate Croissant $2.49
Fruit Tart $3.29
Macaroon Coconut Bar $3.29
Eclair $2.79
loaf of bread
Individual bowls of cereal
Banana, orage, apple
fruit bowl
box of entemanns doughnuts
Six count package of Thomas Bagels
Six count package of English Muffins
Rice Krispie treats
chocolate covered marshmellows $2.39
Fruit & yogurt parfait $3.79
Chip & Dale trail mix
Chip & Dale sweet & salty mix
Princess bouquet of suckers
Large Mickey jawbreaker
Mickey spiral suckers (4)
Chocolate character suckers
Package of Pez (6)
large bag of chips, smart food, doritos
large container of Lays Stax
Jar of salsa
Jar of nacho cheese
•cake & gelato not a snack option


Vanilla & Chocolate Donut Rings $1.59
Raspberry Donut
Bowtie Twist Donut $2.59
Assorted Danish $2.59
Cinnamon Buns $2.59
Sticky Buns $2.59
Sugar Free Cheesecake $3.99
Cheesecake Brownie $3.99
Fruit Tart $3.99
Eclair $3.59
Cupcake $1.99
Sm. Mickey Cakes $2.79
*regular cheesecake not a snack option
*Tiramisu not a snack option




I was told all items under $4.00 but nothing is marked with the DP symbol


banana bread
large bag of chips
ice cream
fruit bars
Chip & Dale snacks

Banana, Apple or orange
Individual bowls of cereal
Pop Tarts
Yogurt/Granola Parfait
Chocolate Bars
Mickey Rice Krispie Bars
Haagen Daas Bars
Cheese & grape platter
Carrot Cake
Chocolate Cake
Sm. Salad

OLD KEY WEST/goods to go

Box of Entenmanns donuts
ice cream
onion rings
french fries

Large bag of chips, cheetos or pretzels
Rice crispy treats in chocolate
Bag of lollipops
Candy bars
Chip & Dale Snacks
Lg. box of entenmanns donuts
Chocolate cake
Fresh fruit bowl
Apples with Peanut Butter
Carrots/Celery with Dip
Hot Fudge Sundae

Single serving fruit or grapes
Big cookie

Lg. ice cream sandwich
fruit bowls

All ice cream $2.39-$2.79
bag of chips
fruit $2.99
Muffins $2.29
Donuts $0.99
fruit bowls
Yogurt with fresh fruit
Sm. Pbj sandwiches


Lag bag of Lays chips, dorito’s, smart food popcorn, tortilla chips
Jar of salsa
Jar of cheese
Jar of bean dip
Jar of peanut butter
Smart pop popcorn
Box of Entenmann’s donuts & donut holes
Box of Entenmann’s mini-muffins
Package of Lender’s Bagels
Package of Thomas English muffins
Loaf of bread (several types)
Package of Hot Dog buns
Two-pack of Pop Tarts
Individual bowls of cereal
8 oz ind. cartons of milk, skim, 2%
16 oz bottle of chocolate, whole, strawberry milk
muffins $2.29
Hugs & kisses cheesecake
strawberry cheesecake
Key lime pie
chocolate croissant
cinnamon rolls $2.59
fruit salad (grapes,melon & cantelope)
lettuce salad
Package of Strawberries (6-7) with 1/4 cup of Cool Whip
yogurt parfaits $3.79
Pint of Haagen Dazs Sorbet (haagen dazs ice cream not included
Pint of Edy’s Ice Cream
Package of Edy’s Dibs (two sizes both are available on the plan)
All Chip & Dale Candy Co. treats


Funnel Cakes in EPCOT
Turkey Legs
Chocolate covered strawberries
Fudge (I was told at Goofy Candy Co it was not included but I was able to use a snack credit for 6 squares)

Popcorn bucket
Lg. rice krispie squares
Slice of Pizza
Kids meals


Wow what great info… I am going to print it out and bring it with me!


I’ll take two of each Please.:smile:


I know, I could feel the pounds adding to my stomach just reading everything, lol!


Dole Whips and Funnel Cakes and fries…OH MY!

Thanks for the info JBW!


Geez, I’m running out of paper printing things out for our trip :laugh: Well this is going in my “Disney Planning Notebook” :happy:


I think it includes anything that is under $4!!! YUM!!! You can literally make a meal out of snacks!!! (nachos, fries and fixins bar…YUM!)


We were not offered anything under $4.00. At most places we had to stick to what was marked on the menu. For example, we couldn’t get large fries, only the small fries that we marked on the menu. I didn’t care because we most of our snacks were used for drinks so it didn’t matter.


I dunno guys, I just saw this on another site and thought I would post it, I know that we got some of those things as snacks for our trip last time but certainly not all of them, lol! Im just so excited and our trip is still over 200 days away!


The anything under $4.00 was posted here a couple of weeks before our trip but I didn’t see it too many places. SSR was one place we were offered chips and donuts as snacks. It was the snack carts and McDonald’s that we didn’t see the change yet. Maybe it just takes several weeks for the changes to make it around the parks.


That’s one heck of a list. The kids will definately make use of all these items…lol Thanks for posting it.


On our checkout day, we had 5 or 6 snacks still left. At the market shop at the Beach Club, they said that we could choose any food item under $4 and count it as a snack. So our girls picked up Mickey lollipops to bring home for some of their school friends. So if you end up with snacks to use, give it a shot!!!

BTW, my favorite snack was (and still is) the Mickey Cookies and Cream Ice Cream Sandwiches. DW had to buy regular ice cream sandwiches so I could get my “fix”.


At the main street confectionary we were told we could get anything $4.00 and under with the exception of fudge and caramel apples. We noticed many new snack options when we were there in May, and we got to try new things. I had my first pinapple float…Yummy!


Wow, Jen, that’s a great, comprehensive list! Last time were were there, we had a ton of snacks left at the end too! I ended up buying a bunch of crispy treats which melted to mush in the bag on the flight home! This is great news indeed!


Printing it out right now…thanks for the info. With 2 always hungry boys and DH, I’m sure we’ll use all of our snacks.


Beignets! Yumyumyum!


That is a great list, my mouth is watering just reading it! Oh well only 4 weeks to wait!


We also had a ton of snacks left at the end of our trip, so we got a bunch of bottles of water and rice krispy snacks!


Thanks for the list.


Thanks for taking the time to post the list! I’m definitely going to print that out.