Confirmed Our ADR! What Do You Think Guys!


Here are our dining reservations for August 24th-September 2!

August 24th-
[COLOR=“Lime”]Dinner- Tony’s Town Square- 8:45pm

August 25th-
Dinner- 50’s Prime Time Cafe- 8:15pm

August 26th-
Dinner- Coral Reef- 8:30pm

August 27th-
Dinner- Spirit of Aloha Luau @ the Polynesian- 8:00pm

August 28th-
Breakfast- Crystal Palace w/ Pooh and Friends! 8:20am
Dinner- Chef Mickey- 9:05pm

August 29th-
Dinner- San Angel Inn- 8:45pm

August 30th-
Dinner- Princess Storybook Dinner in Norway- 8:10pm

August 31st-
Lunch- Sci-Fi Diner- 3pm
California Grill- 9:20pm (During fireworks at window seats!)

September 1st-
Lunch: MK tray meal
Pizza Planet!!!

September 2nd-[/COLOR]
New Dinosaur resturant in Downtown Disney or Wolfgang Puck’s!


All awesome!!
We are also starting our vacation out with Tony’s on our first night.


Those look great, enjoy!


sounds good


You got some good ADRs there!


Looks great to me!!


Great ADRs!


Good choices!-enjoy!!


Good ADRs! Have you ever done the princess dining in Norway before? We’re going it for the first time in June and I am little skeptical about it!


Sound real yummy! I can’t wait to read your review of Coral Reef as we will be trying this for the first time in November.


Yes, I went to the Norway dining experience with the Princess and all I have to say it…IT WAS PERFECT! It’s a great and intimate way to meet the princesses and its yummy yummy food! I hope you get this haha, I’m a little new to MB! I say TRY IT! You won’t regret it. It’s a great atmosphere to dine in too. When you walk in, everyone gets a picture, professional pic, that is with the princess of the night. And then when you sit down, all the princess rotate so you can see them all and get pictures and autographs or whatever! Enjoy! It’s truly wonderful!!


Well I can already tell you about it! We ate there last year for the first time, and it became a quick family favorite! It’s absolutley gorgeous on the inside-- the theme is really well carried out! Wait for our reservations was quick and then lighting was spectular, it really makes you feel like you are in the ocean! The fish tank is amazing, and if you are lucky, you can even catch Mickey Mouse doing some scuba diving! Kids will really love this place, as well as any one that likes fish! The FOOD! Is GREATTT! I had the jasmine chicken and rice, and it was SUPER scrumptious. Some of the best food I’ve had in WDW. And ofcourse! EPCOT’s resturaunts are never a disappointment-- well the ones I’ve had. Well I hope that helped you! And I hope you have a great time, but ofcourse you will! ITS DISNEY. Can’t wait to read your review on how it went!


If you can get a seat in the dining room under the monorail beams, you’ll be able to watch Wishes from your table at Chef Mickey’s.
the way things are going at CG these days, you might not be seated until after fireworks. We had 9:40 reservations a few weeks back. Wishes was at 10 and we weren’t seated until 10:20 because people tend to not leave until after fireworks. People who came up for 9:30 weren’t seated until after Wishes. Bring a jacket. Some parts of CG get really cold, plus if you’re watching fireworks outside on the observation deck, keep in mind you’re 15 stories up (about 175 feet) and there is almost always a steady wind up there.
I can’t believe you’re eating dinner in Epcot two different nights and both times, you’re being seated 15 and 30 minutes before Illuminations!
You might be lucky and be finished with dinner at Tony’s just as Wishes starts. If so, viewing from that end of Main Street is good.
What I like most is Prime Time at 8:15 on a night that the second Fantasmic is at 10 and there’s an EMH until 1 after. Especially if you’re doing the Fantasmic dinner package and you have a guaranteed seat, though on nights there are two shows, it’s easier to get a seat for the late show.

What can I say, I live for evening entertainment.
As for food choices, whatever floats your boat.
I would choose Wolfgang Puck over T-Rex, especially as they might not be open yet. Also, I believe Pizza Planet is in the Studios, not MK. I would suggest Cosmic Ray’s and wait till I got home for pizza.


Thank you for all your suggestions! They are wonderful.

As for TREX, it says it should be open by then.
And for the Pizza Planet thing, it is in HS. But we are going to both MK and HS that day. So in the morning we’ll eat somehwere in MK, that we didnt decide on yet. And then at night when we go to HS we’re eating at Pizza Planet haha, I guess the way I wrote it was confusing!

Also, about the EPCOT fireworks, we visit the parks multiple times, so we will definitley see them! But we like to eat late, so we get all the things we want to do done and they don’t have to be interrupted to eat. Also full babies are easier to settle into bed after a busy day at Disney! And it’s nice to walk through the parks when they’re closing or closed!


Looks good! We don’t normally eat that late but after hearing your reason why I totally understand.


The problem with Illuminations is that it is 9 PM every night. It doesn’t move around like MK shows do. Your best bet might be the night you eat at San Angel. Assuming you’re seated by 8:50, you’ll just be able to order and then go outside to watch from the top of the stairs. Either that or take a break at 8:55 when you’re at the Princess dinner in Norway. Coral Reef is all the way back in a corner with a badly obstructed view, and no view of the video globe at all.
I can appreciate dealing with kids’ appetites and sleep schedules, though I have no parenting skills of my own.


Well thanks! I think it’s a pretty good way to do it. Plus I have so many people in my family, we really strive in doing everything everyone wants to do. And the more time we have to do it the better. Plus, it seems to us, theres no better way to go back to the hotel then to spend some nice times and conversation with your family and eat a delicious meal before heading back. Also, no cranky babies on the bus! They just go right out! :]


All your adr’s sound great!


Sounds yummy! Wolfgang’s is sooooo good . . . we had a GREAT meal there!


sounds great… I loved mexico… what is the name of the new dino rest in ak it isnt listed in allears dining?