Confused about pricing


Wondering if the more experienced folks could provide some insight: Planning a trip to WDW for next October (2013). I used the Disney online site to check prices- I ran a bunch of combinations for October 2013 ( kept resort, dining plan, and park tix consistant). I did all 4 weeks, then various combinations of arrival days- like sat. to sat. versus tues to tues. I was surprised to find that there was very little price difference. I thought for sure there would be an obviously cheaper week to visit, but that wasnt the case. Is this because its so far away?


There are “seasons” of rates for accomodations at WDW. The Fall season is 9/28-12/20 for 2012 so it will be around the same dates for 2013. The rate will be the same within that time period (weekends are slightly more) unless you find a special discount.

The website “” has a chart on every resort at WDW. It will give you an idea of the rates. :slight_smile:


Thanks. So then what is the advantage of booking far in advance then? I just noticed there is free dining for this Oct. I am wondering if I should just wait till summer next year to book, since I am flexible with any time in the fall. MAybe there will be free dining again. I guess I assumed if I booked very far in advance I would get an amazing deal…but now am thinking it doesnt really matter unless you must have a specific resort or specific week you need to book. But maybe I am over simplifying it…your thoughts?


The only advantage this far out is to get the resort that you want. Unfortunately pricing doesn’t work to your advantage early such as airfare might. They will announce free dining for that time period about this time next year.

You can always book your room only reservation now. They will let you make changes. Next year.


The advantages of booking this early is to get a head start on paying off your vacation. Not only that but you will be in place to add different discounts as they release.


Also consider you are going for the Food and Wine Festival. Rooms fill up fast for this event. Which accounts for the little/no flucuations on the priceing.


Remember, you can book now, and then when discounts or free dining shows, it can be applied toward your reservation. But, they don’t do it automatically. You will have to call it in yourself to get the discount applied to your res (or you can have a wonderful TA like Dana take care of your reservations and she can monitor the discounts).


Keep in mind that WDW wants to fill rooms at rack rate first. It’s like a new item at a store. You don’t offer the “End of Year Clearance Sale” at the start of the year. You list it at full price, knowing there will be people who will buy it.

Discounts are added as WDW tries to fill in the empty spots, which will be clearer to them as the dates approach. It’s like that here at the conference center I work at. If a group calls up and wants a November retreat at a 20% discount, they are probably going to get it. If they asked for a 20% discount in June, we’d laugh our heads off–we turn groups away in June, because we’re so full.