Confused on package prices


Okay everyone. I was doing some researching and now I am confused on some of the prices that was given to me…here goes.
On WDW website, they quoted me for a package deal for 1345…no dining plan. (I AM going to do dining plan though)
When I typed everything in seperate, I got cheaper prices…room 552, and tickets 720…total of 1272.
What is the difference? You would think the package deal would be cheaper than buying seperate. Any thoughts?


I’m not sure a WDW resort package is usually cheaper so we usually book a room and add tickets later.


Try contacting Mouseketrips – they can break it all down for you at no extra charge. You’ll be sure to get the best deal!

However, if you definitely want the dining plan you are going to have to go the package route.


Did it add in trip insurance on the package? I think it does that automatically and you have to choose to decline it. I’m not sure if that amount matches up though, I though the insurance was more than that…


I declined it for the package, but buying them separately added up more and it didn’t give me an option for insurance. Is there a number that I can just call and ask what the difference is?


Make sure when you do the package that is doesn’t put you in a more expensive room. I have had that happen to me. You can edit it to the room you would like after it gives you the first price. :smile:


I use the toll free number when I call WDW.