Confused -- too much information! help please..!


Being the over planner that I am…I have just discovered how much more difficult planning two weeks is than planning 1!!! For this reason, I have been scouring the Unofficial as well as the posts trying to plan my itinerary. I noticed, however, that the Unofficial lists different “best parks” for specific dates that we will be there than their website. I read on the website that there may be discrepencies…but, how do you know which one to go with???

The book or the website!!! I think I’m going nuts…! :eek:

Can I get some advice pls??? Dates are May 2 - 13. What do u think?


Relax, you are goingto Disney World–every day is a good day.

When I plan which parks for which day I try to hit a few morning EMH and avoid others. Any park that has EMH that day is going to be busier. We go early and get in as much as we can then take a break and return to a different park for the evening. We went for 2 weeks last year and things fell into place once I got the first week planned.


Go with the website, they can change it much more easily that the book, so I would guess it would be up to date much better than the book.


I thought about that also…several of the dates I was planning on are different on the website than in the book…but, I am going to go ahead and go with the website…!! Do you know if MK is really busy on Fridays???


Much of the Unofficial Guides dates revolve around EMH. Either go early for EMH or skip that park entirely.

No matter what do you go where, the earlier you go the lighter the crowds.

But seriously, don’t sweat it out. Decide if you want to do EMH at a park. If not, pick another park and have a great day.

I plan my trip down to small details, but when it’s time to chuck the plan out the window, so be it. I’m there to have fun, not keep a schedule.


:eek: <----Me planning my trip.

But once I got to WDW everything fell into place. I just avoided the EMH parks. I know you will have a great time! :happy:


Yep, that’s probably why the website has updated dates. Disney changed their EMH days starting in January, so the book’s “best days” are out of date. Go with the website.

But, like everyone else here, planning only gets us so far. There are so many variables (like weather, exhaustion, new attractions, unplanned food poisoning :eek: , etc.) that usually many of the plans go out the window. If you’re not flexible, what fun is it? Besides, if you have two whole weeks, you can afford to leave a park if it’s a bit too crowded for your taste and come back another day, no?


Don’t worry. You have two weeks, and you picked a great time to go. Weather should be great and the crowds should be very managable.

We’ve gone in May for the past 4 years, for 7 days, without any problems.


You guys are great…I admit I do feel a little better about the situation. I think that I will be able to let go of the plan if it becomes necessary…but, I didnt say it would be easy!!! LOL I am a bit obsessive compulsive I think!!

Anyway…I’m going to go with the website…avoid the early and late days and do my best to be flexible and have a wonderful time!

hmmm…now if I could only figure out when to go to Seaworld… :angel:

tee hee hee


I don’t know about MK on Friday, but Saturday is definately major crowds