Confusion on premier passes


first of all I was told that despite the fact that I was an annual passholder(resident )in california that if I upgraded to premier,my expiration date would go to the shorter of the 2 that being aug 22,…asked several people before coming always got different responses ,even got the web site which was confusing…got here and it was what I originally thoughtwhen I purchased it here paid the diffference of ca resident and premier which turned out to be for 3 people about 1500…the new expiration is april 21 …2011…yeah…and now my CA pass is good till april 21 ,2011…and up graded to premier…once again yeah…but using it for discounts has been lets say a little problematic …why most workers have no clue what it is ,for example at the world of disney …tried to pay and it took 20 minutes TOOOOO finally get approval…even the manager said NO…disney unfortuneatly and don’t get mad has done a very poor job of either training employees or informing them of the existence of the program …I went to guest relations in downtown to inform them and they said welcome to the club …some of them had just found out it exists…even though this program has been around since the beginning of march…


I’ve been reading some stories and posts that the premier pass program was rolled out very poorly and has created much confusion. I don’t know why it should be so. There has also been confusion regarding upgrades for guests who already have both DL and WDW APs. And what I had heard was that the expiration date would be set by the later of two dates, not the sooner.
Very poorly rolled out indeed.


it still goes on,at world of disney…had to introduce the manager to the card who said what is this???..this i believe is about 5 days after notifying them of its existence…once again one cast memeber thought we were committing fraud…she said what is this …this is a fake…you cannot use this …WOW hoping this will get to corporate ,soon to fix,because it is embarrassing and usually takes about 20 minutes to solve …the program has been out now for almost 2 months…enough time has elapsed to solve the issue I would think…but on the bright side great trip …great weather …and great fun …had a great time at raglan road last night…great fun …