Congratulations Kim


on getting your photo published on allears. Very cool!:flowers:


I love that photo!! :wub: Congrats!!


Oh, I remember that photo from your TR! Too cute!!!


I remember seeing that photo in your TR- too precious! I loved it then and I still do!!!:wub:


oh congratulations. That is one of the best photos ever!


Just read my newsletter and saw the picture. Congrats!! Again, what a great shot!! I thought of your family when we are at MK opening - although we couldn’t get up early enough to try to be the family of the day.


Such a cute picture! :heart: I saw it in my newsletter too, I’ve been wondering if you had entered it!


Good thing I check this thing!! I haven’t even received the newsletter yet and I always look!! I submitted right when we got back in September!! Yeah!! That is soooo exciting!!

My mom is going to be soooo proud-really (she’s a photographer):laugh:!!

What a way to start a morning!!

Thanks guys!!:heart:


YAY! CONGRATS!!! :biggrin:


I love this picture… congrats