Congratulations Ready2Go


On being the first “Member of the month”. Well deserved.:flowers:


Congrats!! We deserved!


Thanks so much :blush: :smile:


Awe…you made him blush!

Congrats R2!!!:wink:


Congrats to you R2G! I just said it in the other thread, but I will repeat it herre " you are such a cherished member of this website. I am thrilled that you won member of the month. You totally deserve it" Congrats again my dear friend. you rock!


:flowers: :flowers: Many, many congratulations R2G for being the very FIRST M.O.M. We all agreed that your marvelous avatars, so generously shared with us, and your amazing trip reports add so much to Mousebuzz! And it couldn’t happen to a nicer person!

(Ok, the acent helped.:happy: )


He has an accent??!!!:ohmy: :wink:


Congrats R2G!!!

You deserve it!!! :happy: :cool:


Awww shucks…Thanks ma’am:smile:




I voted for Ready2Go three times! :happy: I wanted him to win real bad! :blush: Congrats! :wink: