Congratulations Wall-E!


Best Animated Feature:
Kung Fu Panda


As if there were any doubt… :wub:


Yay! WALL-E is such a great movie.


Yay WALL-E!!!


I received Wall-E for Christmas and still haven’t watched it.:ohmy: It sure is winning a lot of awards.


Definitely make the time to do it. It is such a great film!


I :heart: Wall-E!


I still have yet to see this movie:pinch::happy:


Wall-E was such an experience! Not just a movie. It was so amazing! :smiley:


Well, swim right over to my house and we’ll watch it together.:laugh::eek:


Me too! :heart::heart: He’s just so dang cute.


Try to find the time to, I think you’ll love it.


Oh, I totally agree. This is my favorite Pixar movie by far.


I walked in late to the cinema while on the Disney Magic. Cruising you get to relaxed, I awoke during the end credits. I need to see it.


I was working at the bakery when I heard on the news that Wall-E Won, I did a big ol’ dance :tongue:, I was mucho excited, Congrats Disney/Pixar!


Thank you for the invite… but can I wait until the weather and water are a tade bit warmer!:laugh::heart::happy:


I think we(hubby and kids) are going to rent it this weekend, the kids got some Blockbuster gift cards for Valentines Day that they are dying to use!:laugh:

I will let you know what we think:happy:


we :heart: Wall e!