Considering First DL Trip


Ok guys. I got tons of info about WDW, but I’ve never been to DL. So… When’s a good time to go? I know the “off-season” times for WDW are early in the year like Jan-Mar, and when school starts, like Sept-Dec (not counting Thanksgiving week). Is the off-season for DL the same times as WDW? We’re thinkig about early in the year, like March or something like that. What’s the weather and crowds like during this time?

Thanks for the input guys…


Do it, do it, do it! Schedule a trip!

Yes, off-peak is pretty much the same at DLR as WDW. As long as you avoid school vacations, the crowds shouldn’t be too bad. Just make sure you avoid the third week in February. I don’t know if President’s Week is a nationwide school vacation, but DLR is nuts that week. I think the entire state of Washington heads down there.

March is a great time to go as the crowds will be low. It can get chilly in the mornings and evenings though. And of course off season means not all the shows are running, but I’m sure it’s the same at WDW. As long as you get some weekend days in you should get a chance to see Fantasmic and whatever parade and fireworks show they have running at that time. I’m trying February this year for the first time…so we’ll see how the weather goes! I’ll be taking ingamba on his first trip, so hopefully the weather is nice!

May and the beginning of June (avoiding Memorial Day) are actually my favorite time of year to go. It is generally warm enough for me to be in shorts all day long, but the crowds are still low.


I’ve had fabulous experiences in early/mid May.

In March, you can run into Spring Breaks. It just depends.


Um, I would just like to point out that certain people who would like to see you and you family again do not reside in the state of California.

I’m just sayin’.


Dewey, this is a great idea! Definitely plan it for the end of February, because the first of the two NASCAR race weekends at California Speedway is held during the last weekend of February. You could go to the race and then spend the next week at Disneyland. How cool would that be?

Oh and Erin? Why don’t you guys come along, too?


Dewey, you should definantly go for it! We went last May and had a great time. Weather was perfect and all. By the way, we stayed at the Red Roof Anaheim and I highly recommend it!


Late march you might run into “spring break” crowds

We have had good weather and small crowds in early may as well as the first week of December. December is all decorated for Christmas.


The weather is always nice in southern California - unlike northern Ca :pinch:
You would love it at Disneyland. It is precious


Yes, but sometimes a little too hot IMO. (:laugh:)

I think the best time to go is in the beginning of May… Thankfully that’s when Mother’s Day is (except the park is going to be overrun by mothers :eek:), so the crowds shouldn’t be so terrible.


Yes, go for it!!! I’ve been to DL 3 times now and I’ve ONLY been during the month of June. We’ve never experienced huge lines, really crowded parks, or anything remotely crazy. Although, we’ve only gone on weekdays, that makes a BIG difference.

February and March sounds like a great time, staying away from the holiday weekends of course. Would you be doing other things in SoCal, or JUST Disneyland?


as far as when to go yah the summer can be bad but…YOu can be there one day and have it be crazy busy but there are always a few rides that are pretty much walk ons. And fastpassses makes it zoom by!

Jan feb should be a great time to go though


I think you should not go to Disneyland.

You should stay home and finish your trip report from WDW… :laugh:


what are you doing here posting? Aren’t you supposed to ride the rides and eat the food and enjoy a meet and greet?


Actually, my heir apparent and I are in Washington D.C. doing Edumacashonal stuff…


Wow… Thanks for all the info guys. I knew some of y’all “Left-Coasters” would have some insight for me, and I knew some of y’all that have visited would have some good advice too. We’re not looking at going until 2008 or 2009, but it’s never too early to start planning, right?

Erin… Maybe you’d like to go to DL with me and then walk all around California Adventure and avoid me all day… :tongue:


Yeah, I’ll go with you, there’s not a problem there. You’re giving me YEARS to prepare…but, I’m not gonna go and walk around a park all day by myself. You’re going to have to try and stick with me, OK? Don’t act like we’re in EPCOT or something…


Awe, you should go! I love Disneyland! I wanna go now!


February and early March are great for low crowd levels. The weather can be unpredictable though…but…if you don’t mind the chance of getting caught in the rain you’ll be fine. Wow…just think…another TR that will take forever to be finished:)