'Contempo Cafe' opens at the Contemporary Resort


I came across this article about the new ‘Contempo Cafe’ that just opened in the Contemporary, occupying the space that used to be the “Concourse Steakhouse.” Utilizing touch-screen ordering kiosks, electronic menu boards, & also electronic pagers to alert guests that their order is ready this new ‘quick service’ dining location is technologically advanced. Even so, the author of this article said everything was easy to navigate & self-explanatory.

It’s good to know there is also a bagel toaster, microwave, & re-fillable mug station available in the dining room area.


Grab & Go only (no kitchen preparation): 6:00am – 12 midnight

Breakfast: 7:00am – 11:00am

Lunch: 11:00am – 10:00pm (lunch items are available thru dinner hours)

Dinner: 5:00pm – 10:00pm

Pictures & article:
Contempo Café - Contemporary Resort (The ?World? According to Jack)


Looks cool! Where is that exactly? Is it the floor with the monorail?


PS: the only thing I disagree with in the article is torwards the bottom. I could NEVER bare to see the imfamous Mary Blair tile mural be replaced. It’s a gorgeous, historic, and an iconic piece of Disney hisory & art. I understand the author’s point about the “Grand Canyon Concourse” being a little misplaced with Disney’s current redesign of the Contemporary but unless they can easily remove that wall & place it safely at Coronado Springs I don’t mind if it stays.


It’s right next door to Chef Mickey’s, on the Fourth Floor.


Thanks! :wub:


Thanks for the information, that looks really good. I think it’s really smart to put a fast food restaurant where people can easily find it when they’re there shopping and playing in the arcade.


It’s next to Chef Mickey’s and the shops. I think it’s the 4th floor–one level below the monorail.


Next to Chef Mickey’s on the main floor (4th floor).
Monorail’s on 5:mickey:


I think that’s the writer’s opinion. I don’t think Disney has any plans to remove the mural. I’d be willing to be it’s there to stay, unless it starts to fall apart.
So, don’t worry.


I would throw myself in front of that mural. It would be un-American and slightly offensive to get rid of it!


:laugh::laugh: I don’t know why that cracked me up so much, I guess it was the thought of you standing in front of this HUGE tall mural with your arms spread out screaming “NOoooooo” while the Disney police tried to remove you with tasers. :pinch::laugh:


Wow, that looked really cool. Thanks for the post. Does anyone happen to know if this would be classified under the dining plan “counter service” , or would it come out of pocket ? This is going to help sway my decision on where to stay during my next visit. Im leaning towards the Contemporary…I definitely want to take advantage of the monorail. What parks can you access using the monorail, from the Contemporary ?


It buts up right against Chef Mickey’s. We had breakfast at CM Saturday and kids that were at the Contempo Cafe were standing on their chairs and hanging over the wall to Chef Mickeys and screaming to the characters!


You can get to both MK and Epcot by monorail. To get to Epcot, you need to go the the Ticket and Transportation Center (boarding the monorail at the Contemporary) and transfer to the Epcot monorail.

Thank you, Jessica for the info on the new place. It looks like it’s worth a try.


This is definitely counter service and part of the plan. In fact, Contempo Cafe is the replacement for the Food and Fun Center, the old CS which was closed to make way for The Wave.

Magic Kingdom and Epcot.
Although, it’s faster to just walk to MK rather than ride allllllllllllll the way around the lagoon. On the other hand, when you leave the MK, you’re only one stop from your hotel.
Epcot is a little more involved. You have to change trains at the TTC for an Epcot line train. There is no bus to Epcot from any of the monorail resorts.