Contemporary 2007


We just returned from our first Contemporary stay and have already started looking at packages for next year.

However, it seems that just about every week I try on the website from mid-September through the end of October show the only option being suites!

Is it possible the entire hotel is booked this far in advance? I know the PGA tournament is there in mid-October, but there are still plenty of rooms available at GF and Poly.

Has anyone ever experienced anything like this? Can it be a website glitch?


It looks like the North wing of the Contemporary will be closed for “changes” (see link below) starting soon and will not be open again until late 2008. So if there are any conventions there it will be hard to get a room. I had do try a few times to get the nights I wanted for 6/07. That was back in July. But keep trying because rooms do free up at times. :smile:


Thanks for the response! That would explain it. It’s too bad, our twins really liked the Contemporary, but I’m sure we could “slum it” at the GF if we had to.


Am headed to the Contemporary in late November…how did you like the rehabbed rooms…though, the fact you are looking for next year sounds like a good sign!


The unoffical guide to WDW rates them the best room on property now. Before the rennovation, they used to “slam” the rooms, so the improvements must be awesome. They are normally very critical.


Call me silly, but I’ve always wanted to stay at the Contemporary, just once, ever since WDW opened. I finally get my chance:mickey: and get to take DD with me. Am still trying to talk my hubby into going with us, but he LOATHES any type of theme park, Disney included.:nonono2:


His loss. Take your DD only. There is no such thing as to much quality time with you child. Mine is around the same age and I enjoy every second I get with her. I know the teen years are coming up fast and who knows how much longer hanging out with mom will be cool? Take her and leave DH at home…it will be a memory you and your DD will cherish forever.

I have never wanted to stay at the contemporary until I seen pictures of those new rooms…holy cannoli…they are gorgeous! I actually tried talking DD into staying there in August, but she wants to go back to AKL.


Hey QuietMBR, sorry I haven’t been on in a couple of days.

I thought the renovated rooms were unbelievable! They were really classy; cool flat screen TVs on the wall, great lighting, including two mini-recessed lights with their own dimmers over each bed (great for reading lights).

The closet doors with frosted glass looked great, and the sliding door into the bathroom was really cool (but not too easy to babyproof!).

The sinks were new, stylish Kohlers. They’re basically big, shallow squares instead of the typical bowl designs. Be careful, though, the water didn’t always drain out and there was usually a small puddle in the basin all the time.

I was also surprised at how good the noise suppression is in the Contemporary. We were in the Tower, and we couldn’t hear a thing from out in the hallway. When we opened the door, the noise from the Concourse was quite loud. So they did a great job with that.

I think you’ll love it.

The one thing I remember about my only childhood trip there (about 30 years ago!) was how cool it seemed that the monorail went RIGHT THROUGH THE HOTEL. Of course, we couldn’t afford to stay anywhere on Disney property then. (probably why I’ve gone so much as an adult!).

It would definitely be my first choice again, especially with children. However, I’m getting quotes for the GF main building concierge level at less than half the price of a one-bedroom suite (which is all that currently available for next year) at the Contemporary!


call me crazy, but i liked the old room decoration better. while the renovated rooms are nice, they seem too foo-foo for me now. it won’t stop me from staying there in the future because i love the location, but just won’t be the same for me. i liked the crazy colors and zebra striping!! :cool:


the coloring was cool…it will be missed…


First, Other than Universal and Busch, nobody besides Disney do “real” theme parks. I’ve been to most of the Cedar Fair, Six Flags, and Paramount parks in the US and Canada, and they are not theme parks. They are amusement parks with theming, which is not the same. I’ve even stayed at some of the other park’s on site hotels. None of them come close to the Contemporary, even before the rebirth of the guest rooms. The changes are stunning. The 12th floor concierge area used to be the elevator lobby between the two room catwalks. The decor used to be drab. They removed three guest rooms on the Magic Kingdom side and converted them into the concierge lounge, leaving the concierge desk in the elevator lobby. And the 14th floor guests have to come down to the 12th until they finish redoing their lounge. The floors have been redone with black and white marble and earth toned pile carpet. Lots of wood, stone, metal trim and three balconies facing the MK. All rooms have LG plasma screen TVs, all concierge rooms have DVDs and computers for internet access (use your own laptop if you don’t want to waste time with Disney IT!). And the view from the tower, what more do I have to say. If you gave me a choice of the Savannah at AKL or the tower facing MK, I’d take the latter. OK, the Epcot resort lagoon area’s nice too.
Rooms in October are always fluky in the deluxe resorts, especially due to the PGA tournament. Keep trying. Rooms become available when you least expect them. Also, if you’ve tried on line, call central reservations as well. They don’t always have the same pool of rooms to work from. Also ask specifically AAA, passholder, and Florida resident rates (if you qualify) because they don’t do anything automatically unless you ask. Perhaps Mickey’s Mouseketrips can be of help for you. Just keep trying. I’ve been unable to book Contemporary Tower in October, until almost the last minute. So, make your reservation at another resort now, if you must. Reservations can always be modified if the tower becomes available.


when we went last year, we were in a garden room until the week before we went. i guess it is just a matter of being in the right place at the right time.


From your description, I think I will love it, too. And, babyproofing is no longer an issue with DD. More like “boy proofing” :ohmy: !

I cannot wait!!!


And, babyproofing is no longer an issue with DD. More like “boy proofing”

Our twin daughters turned three on our trip last month. I know I’m going to be feeling your pain!:ohmy:


Ohhh…double trouble…might I suggest karate lessons>:blink:


Ohhh…double trouble…might I suggest karate lessons>

Ha! That reminds me of a personal trainer I was working out with back while my wife was still pregnant. He was a former Marine Seargant (and built exactly as you might picture a Marine Seargant) and had 2 daughters.

He said that when his daughters’ boyfriends came to pick them up, he didn’t have to say a word. He just stood there with his arms crossed and gave them “the eye”.

I’ve been hitting the weight-room ever since!