Contemporary (computer question)


So, I’ve seen conflicting info on the net about computer access at the Contemporary. Does anyone know, is there an actual computer in some rooms, or is it just wi-fi access for a fee? Are there computers accessible somewhere else on the site? My DH needs to access his work email once each day while we’re there, and he’s starting to freak out about being gone for 6 days from the office.


Okay, I’m replying to myself, LOL. I just read a bunch of reviews on All Ears … non-concierge rooms apparently DO have computers (we’re in the tower) … I was worried it was conceirge-only … but it looks like it isn’t. Anyone here know for sure?


Never mind! He doesn’t need to access email - he can do that from his phone … DUH … He’s just concerned about needing to access his screen at work, in case anything comes up. I pray nothing comes up, unless it’s good news. tee hee


Well, if you change your mind and you do want an answer :blush: yes you are correct there are computers in each room. Last April when we were there there was 24 hr free internet access and then after that you had to pay.

Have a great time, I LOVE the Contemp. new rooms! Soooooo comfy!


The rooms do have computers and the wired access was free, the last two times I stayed there.:smile:

Here is a picture from my TR.:smile:


That is so cool to have your own in-room computer! That may make DH want to stay there someday… or is this a taste of thing sto come in all rooms all over WDW?


:laugh: LOL, thanks! It’s good to know!! yippee!


Omgosh!! I’m super excited now!!! :goofybounce: Thanks!

ETA: I’m pretty sure I saw that very trip report awhile ago – I have the WORST memory! Oh dear! I’d better take lots of pics then, so I can remember this trip! lol


We had a computer in our room in 2006. It didn’t work, but because I had my own laptop with me, it didn’t matter.


Makes me want to stay there just to be able to keep in touch with MouseBuzz!



Are other resorts going to start doing this? I always bring my own laptop, and it has been years since we stayed at the Contemp., but it might sway my mind about going back there.


We usually bring a laptop too. But, this would be sweet.

When I was convincing my husband to stay on-site, I showed him the decor of the Contemporary knowing what he usually prefers. And, he was definitely interested. However, they had no availability under the discount package we purchased. And, our friends were already staying at POP.


Ya know, the main reason why I chose the Contemporary is because of my Dh’s loud snoring. The Contemporary was advertised as more for the business customer (which is how DH & I usually travel anyway), I read comments where it’s noisier than most resorts, due to the monorail, but whatever – that’s what sold me on it! LOL

I had orginally booked POR … then read how thin the walls were, and got really worried. I don’t want to disturb any other travellers. Seriously. The kids & I are used to his snoring, but I’m hoping it isn’t too bad - we all will really need to sleep soundly because we play hard at Disney!! :laugh: