Contemporary Concourse Refurb


Contemporary Concourse Refurb
Hey guys, just back from a few days with the mouse.

The biggest news is the that concourse level at Contemporary has started major refurb today. They are tearing down the pin shop and there are walls all down the concourse, making little hallways to the shops.

The convention level (2nd floor) is also behind walls and being torn apart, and well, there’s lots of construction going on.

I have more info, photos, and such, but I just got home and i’ll update ASAP.
that’s from wdwmagic


Did you write that Jeany? Did you go to WDW for a few days? I had no idea!

Welcome back!


ingamba i goofed this is what happend i was in the website WDWMAGIC.COM WDW, Walt Disney World News Rumors Photos Reviews Discussion Forum and click on this rehab of the contemporary and i didn’t go. Please! forgive me! Ok! Ingamba.


i can’t wait for the new concourse when it is finished.


Of course I forgive you. You are forgiven Jeany!

Thanks for the info!


thanks ingamba Oh! did you read my adventures of the three musketeers.


i can’t wait to see the new Contemporary Coucourse finished.:mickey:


Cool! I can’t wait to see how it looks like when it’s finished!! :ohmy: :mickey:


Me too! diiisneygeek.:mickey:


I love the Contemporary, especially the park view!!


:mickey: :smile: :biggrin:




cool news. Personally I think it was in need of a re~furb. Can’t wait to see pics and the finished result.
Thanks for the info!


Welcome back Jeany, I didn’t know you even going to WDW–I’m so out of it. I had heard they were going to rehab most of the 3rd floor but I didn’t know it had started. Thanks for the update, I can’t wait to see your pictures.


DisneyTeacher go to the and click on news and rumors. Disney Teacher i goofed. please! forgive me. i put with the wdwmagic and mousebuzz.


Does the refurb include the Outer Rim?


i’ll be there in a month - i cannot wait ot see what they did to it…


me too chris24