Contemporary Dreaming


I don’t know what it is, but I’d say 3 out of the last 5 or 6 nights or so, I’ve had dreams that I was at the Contemporary. I don’t know if it’s because of the refurb that’s going on, or the other posts where people have mentioned that they’ve been having Disney dreams, but for one reason or another, everytime I fall asleep, I’m instantly transported to that sleek lobby,watching the monorail glide overhead. Then I’m in one of the rooms. Than the observation deck looking at the MK. Then by the pool.

So what do you say, despite the price increases and the new limited DP, should I make this dream come true?


You should do it. If not it will keep haunting you night after night year after year. :smile:


Yeah, do it. I used to have AKL dreams when they were talking about building it and seeing all the plans, etc. When I finally stayed there it became my favorite resorts. Maybe you have a new favorite on the horizon?

PS: just remember MK views go FAST!!! plan far ahead for those.


I know. I would hate to have nightmares like that! :wacko: :mellow:


I know! But I don’t care if I get an MK view, as long as I’m at the Contemporary, the WDW resort that haunts me in my sleep! :sleeping: :phone: :ph34r: :nuke:


If you’re only going for one of the wings,get the wing that’s closest to the MK!!!


Our last trip to WDW was at the Contemporary with a view of MK. WOW!!! What a beautiful view at all hours of the day. We really used our balcony alot that trip because my daughter got sick while we were there so we actually sat our there alot. I love the contemporary even a room at the wings. We love it there. Don’t let it haunt you anymore…make your dreams come true:wink:


This is a sign that Walt wants you to stay at the Contemporary, so you must do it! Make that reservation.


Don’t forget ingamba…

“A dream is a wish your heart makes when you’re fast asleep.”

Oh and possibly more importantly…

“Have faith in your dreams and someday your rainbow will come smiling thru”

Wait, wait… this one really says it all…

“For all you know, tomorrow the dream that you wish will come true!”



Well if Walt is haunting me in his sleep, maybe he can haunt me with some free AP’s or something. :laugh:


Thanks for the words of encouragment. I hope my dream does come true tonight. But in the meantime I can’t wait to go to sleep again and go back to the Contemporary. I think I’ll go to Chef Mickey’s while I’m sleeping tonight. :laugh:


Sounds like you need a contemporary fix.

Funny I have been having a recurring dream too.
That I fell and brok my arm at the POR the minute we arrive…


Well here’s hoping my dream comes true and yours doesn’t Dee. :happy:


Andrew, Shut up and fill out the paperwork. You know you want to joint the DVC. Man-up and send in the forms. Jumpin Jimminey what’s it gonna take? A haunting?


Do it! You won’t regret it! I was there in May and the reburb rooms are very beautiful.


If you do…can I come hang with you - no funny biddness or nothin’ - I just am OBSESSED with the Contemporary. I tried talking Daydreamer into letting me stay with him, but he said no :sad:


I didn’t mind at all! DW said no. :crying: I tried telling her it was only for one night. :wub: :laugh:


I don’t know why she said no, we coulda kicked you out, and had a girl’s night. Painted our nails. All kinds of good stuff.


i remember the contemporary resort i can’t wait to see the new dvc.