Contemporary Idea


I have a thought that I just want to float out there to all of you… :blink: There has been alot of speculation that Disney is building a DVC resort at the Contemporary. I for one have trouble believing the timing since AKL was just announced and SSR is not sold out yet.

How about this - what if they are not building a DVC but an area of family type suites that would sleep 6? Kind of like the All Star Music ones only really nice. That it seems to me would make a great deal of sense.

Just a thought…:huh: :huh:


That would be nice since there are so few resorts that sleep a family of more than 4.


Well, there were larger rooms in the wings to start with. I’m not so sure in the case of any deluxe they need to add family suites over and above the suites they already have, that are nicely expensive. But it still does track building DVC accomodations at the doorstep to the MK, just as they have to Epcot/MGM and more or less at AK.


I think it would be pretty cool to have more of those villa type suites around WDW, but agree with soundgod on this one. I think it’s going to be a DVC wing…which as we all know will include the kitchen etc that the other DVC places have…technically it could be both…lol


Well, if the one bedrooms are like the one we had at OKW, you’ll have plenty of room (and couches that open) to sleep 8. More if someone wants the floor.


8 in a room is to much for me…lol I can’t even do three in a studio…:laugh:


I personally can’t wait until skwak buys into the Contempory. Then he can make us an eleven month ressie!


Sure! You can help in convincing my DW!:laugh: