Contemporary in 1971, video


YouTube - The Contemporary- 1971 Commercial

Check out this video, it’s not a WDW made video it was by United States Steel which is the company that planned and built the Contemporary and Polynesian. It’s pretty humorous considering their “innovative” technique of building the rooms modularly off-site and “sliding” them into the A-frame like drawers failed miserably. hehe, very cute video!!!

Look at those rooms!!! That decor would be my dream Contemporary room. hehe.


What a great video Jess, thanks for linking it!

Air conditioning built right in!! :laugh:

It’s a great piece of WDW nostalgia. It’s cool to see the Contemporary with it’s furnishings that look so out of date now, at a time when they were the cutting edge of modernity.


Very cool. I love nostalgic WDW stuff. Thanks for the link.


Wow! Trippy music, too.


Great Link. How did you find it???


VERY cool, Wish! I had NO IDEA that was the way the original rooms were built! VERY interesting.

I am not watching other WDW videos from the person who posted the Contemporary Video. VERY cool to see videos from WDW in the 70’s…especially since I never went before 1997!


thanks for the video…I cant wait to stay there, although I think they may have changed the wall paper :slight_smile:

have a great day



That was SO cool! I added the link to my faves list and will watch some of the others asap. I think a stay at the Contemporary may be in our plans sooner than previously thought. I always wanted to stay there when I was a kid (teen), but just never have…


They build cruise ships like this now. Too bad US Steel is out of the shipbuilding business. Actually, they build ships completely as modules and then just float the ship out of the drydock when it’s ready instead of dramatically sliding into the water like days gone by.