Contemporary or Grand Floridian?


which would you choose at Christmas time?


Got to go with the best! GF


i voted the contemporary because it is my favorite place to stay.:mickey:


I voted for GF. The Contemporary seems dated.


NO doubt-at Christmas- GF!! :wub: :heart:


GF, you did not give me the option, but I would pick the Polly over both of those.


I voted for GF - because who wouldn’t want the opportunity to stay at the GF - but I’d be happy at the Contemporary too.


I voted Grand Floridian too. I assume money would be no object! :slight_smile:


I Love Both…I stay at the Contemporary all the time but the GF is WOW at Christmas. :smile:


Sorry double post :tongue: :nonono2:


I’d have to go with the GF anytime, even better at Christmas.


Wow sorry triple post :tongue: :noo:


I would usually pick the CR. But the GF at Christmas is stunning!


No worries…you just REALLY mean it! :tongue:


If money was no object, I would pick the GF. All resorts are nice, but the GF is the best.


I think the GF is too stuffy for me but it would be fun to see the gingerbread house every day.


Thank you all for your input.We chose the Contemporary cause it is DH’s favorite and it should be completely rehabed by then. We are gonna do a dinner at 1900 Park Fare so we can go to GF and see all the decorations.


Grand Floridian gets my humble vote!


The GF at Christmastime is beautiful!! It is decorated like no other. The Contemporary didn’t do much for me at Christmas when I visited. Not much of a holiday feel to it.


We went thru the Contemporary @ Christmas time and I was not impressed. It was not really decorated as much as the others…not sure why.

We stayed in the GF in October and it is incredibly beautiful, and you would think it would be stuffy but we went w/ 3 other families and our little ones were running all around the lobby and no one batted an eye. Our room at GF was beautiful, we were in Boca Chica. Totally incredible!!!

And it is so pretty during Christmas!!