Contemporary refurbishment


Anyone know what the timeline for this is? I can’t remember when it’s supposed to be finished.


I don’t know, but my friend works concierge there, so I’m sure I can find out for you.


Well bummer…I just called the Contemporary to see if my family got to be in the new rooms and it is a no go…the refurb is behind schedule. Oh well still at WDW on the Monorail so life is good. :wink:


Even without the refurb, the Contemporary is great. I just left and I thoroughly enjoyed myself :slight_smile:


We were there in May and loved every second. So close to everything. We were there as they were refurbing garden rooms, and we were in the tower - so no refurb rooms for us, but we loved our tower room and the view of MK. It was awesome, and I can’t wait to be able to do it again.


Yeah… We stayed there in July 2004 and loved it…but we were looking forward to the new rooms because the original time frame for the South wing to be finished was early November 2005. If would have been nice but I do like it most for its location.


Well I asked while there 11/19-11/28 and They say it is to be done by 10/06 we’ll see. I did not see any work going on the whole time I was there.