Contemporary Renovated Room Pics


There has been a lot of discussion about the renovated rooms at the Contemporary. Since I never did a trip report :pinch: I thought you might enjoy some pics of the newly renovated room that we stayed in back in May. Enjoy!


This is a pic of the flat screen TV we had. I can’t remember what inch it was but it was a really nice size. I’m thinkin about 42 inch maybe.


This is a pic of one of the beds. Trust me when I tell ya it was plush! Very, very comfortable!! My daughters begged me to get out of bed so we could start our day. lol


Thanks for the pics. That is such a big change! They look so nice.


This is the closet that we had. The wood finish on everything really made the room impressive. I should have taken a pic of the floor when you first entered, it was marble!


Thanks, I got a glimpse of a room that wasn’t renovated. HUGE difference!


Awesome pictures!! Thank you SOOOO much for posting this thread! (I really didn’t think you would! LOL!)



Very intersting, Thanks


Does anyone know how many rooms are renovated…I already have a reservation for the Poly, but if I could get a renovated room at the contemporary, that would be great…


I believe the whole tower was is done now and I can’t remember exactly which Garden Wing but I think its the North Garden wing I believe.


Told ya, hehe. :laugh:


Follow me into the bathroom… as you can see the toilet was separate in its own little room with a sliding door. Really cool!!


The shower was really big with a bowed shower curtain. There was marble everywhere! I wish I had taken pictures of the double sink, they were very interesting.


Sorry, forgot to attach the pic.


Housekeeping arranged our stuffed animals in various displays everyday. I snapped this one right as DD was reaching for her Stitch. lol Once again the beds were amazing! :closedeye


Tadaaaaaaa!!! That’s our room! Hope you enjoyed it! Even though the Contemporary is one of the oldest resorts they have done a top notch job with the renovations!! I highly recommend it.


Great pictures! I love the way the new rooms look. Thanks for sharing.


Great pics DD, thanks for sharing. I’m thinking I know where I want to stay on my next WDW trip!


Wow, those pictures were great DD, thank you for posting them. The room looks absolutely amazing. And your dd is a cutey!


WOW… love the room.
Thanks for the pictures.