Contemporary Resort DVC Tower *RUMOR*


I received this in Dave Marx’s email list for Passporter and thought I would share:

There have been rumors that Walt Disney World’s Contemporary Resort would be the “next” DVC development for some years. Then a while back, somebody performed a web search and found an architect’s rendering of a DVC high-rise building adjacent to the Contemporary Resort’s famous 15-story tower. That rendering soon disappeared from the web, which we’d consider proof-positive that someone at Disney is watching the rumor mill and that the rendering had some basis in reality (otherwise, why remove it). However, just a while later, Disney Vacation Club announced their next project would be built at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge. Not long thereafter, demolition crews destroyed the Contemporary’s North Garden Wing, and construction crews started sinking support pilings into the ground. That suggests something big is in the works. Historically, DVC only announces one new project at a time. Once the sales staff succeeds in selling a substantial number of DVC memberships at the new resort, they announce the next project. So, will the new construction at the Contemporary be the next DVC resort to be announced? It seems very likely, but we probably won’t hear an official peep out of Disney until the Animal Kingdom Lodge villas are nearly sold-out. Rumor Status: High (Rise) Probability.


I have seen the rumors on this on different message boards and I have seen the plans also( I downloaded them somewhere and I can’t remember where lol)

I think it is way over due for DVC to have a monorail resort. For it to be part of the Contemporary is all the better. It’s just too bad that you would have to walk over to grab the monorail instead of having it go through the building like the original CR does


Most of the drawings and info can be found in this thread.:smile:

DVC rendering here.:smile:


I really might consider buying if Contemporary DVC opens…really! :happy:


ugh, first they change the decor, now dvc…crowding up the resort more. no thanks, my new favorite resort is the poly, confirmed.


Hmmm…very interesting indeed. I don’t have a problem with the DVC being added to the CR…but…I am not a fan of the fact that they resort might look a little lopsided now…:frowning:


When I was there in July, we went to Chef Mickey, and I asked the guard at the gate what was going on with all the construction . . . she did say a new addition to the hotel . . . and it was going to take 4 years to complete!! :blink:


So I have 4 years to save! :laugh:


Little tip for you if you are even a “little” interested in buying . . . talk to one of the CM working the DVC tables . . . we were offered Dream Fastpasses for all of us if we went to a 90 minute talk at the Animal Kingdom lodge. We were told there was a “babysitting” area for the kids to stay, play, do crafts and have ice cream, while the parents listened to the talk! DREAM FAST PASSES!!! We were so going to do it, but just ran out of time . . . :glare:


Does anyone know what the current price per point is? I tried looking on the DVC website and couldn’t find it. Also, anyone hear if there is a different price for Saratoga than the new AK property since the AK timeshares will be good for a longer period of time?

Prezcatz Paul


If you go to the Disney Vacation Club Resales by DVC By Resale website, you will find a current list of the point prices for each resort.


We are definetly interested in buying more points at The Contempory. I like the idea of a monorail to our hotel.


I knew the resorts were all slightly different on how many points a night or week ‘cost’, but what is the current $ amount to purchase new points from DVC. I’m wondering if it is the same cost at Saratoga and AK since AK is five years newer and hence will last 5 years longer.

Prezcatz Paul


I could be wrong but I do not think AKL will last any longer than SSR. SSR lasts until 2054. All older DVCs last until 2042. I think as 2042 looms closer they had to stretch out the final years. I suspect that AKL is 2054 and future DVC resorts will be that until that looms closer.

Don’t forget that all this building can’t go on forever. As 2042 nears, Disney will have the daunting task of reselling all those units again.


AKL is indeed 2054. It will be interesting to see what they actually do when they end the right to use. My guess is that they will be replaced. But then again, I’ll be too old to really care too much then anyway. (Except for waking up! :biggrin:)

I was expecting to see this as next location, and was suprised to see AKL. Part of the AKL project is conversion of existing rooms - maybe the occupancy rates are lower there and this is a way to drive people to AKL.


We actually did this in November for SSR and all we got was a $25 gift card per person, which came in very handy I must say! :cool: :biggrin:

It paid for DD’s visit to the BBB and a few other things! :happy:

Oh and my DD asked if we could go back to the SSR for Ice cream on our upcoming trip!!! :laugh:


I have joined AKL DVC and it is good through Jan. 31, 2057. I would believe that if they make part of CR DVC, it will be good for 50 years from that time. We are paying 104.00 per point. We got a discount off of the price as an incentive. The price per point at SSR was slightly less.


we just bought an additional 100 points @ SSR, and i came to just over 10k. (i think 102 a point, but do not quote me on that)


FYI - we are currently at the Contemporary and have had it unofficially confirmed by a few Cast Members that this is 100% a done deal - DVC!!!


Just got back. Talked to a security CM who confirmed it is going to be DVC resort. 15 story building!!!