Contemporary restauant dilema


My husband and I will be spending our first day at the Magic Kingdom, since it is an extra hours evening. My dilema is where to eat…we were hoping to hit some of the restaurants we havent tried yet this trip.
Some of our ideas are…(all close range to the MK)

  1. Chef Mickey’s (very festive for our first magical evening!)

  2. Concourse Steakhouse (a better atmosphere for 2 adults? Better food than Chef Mickey’s?)

  3. Liberty Tree Tavern (We’ve heard the family style buffet is pretty good??)

I know many will vote O’Hana’s–we’ve been there a few times, we would like to try something new…if it is worth it. We have also been to Contemp. Grill, Tony’s, 1900 Park Fair.

What is everyones thoughts of the restaurants in the MK or monorail ride from the MK. OOHH! Or maybe a boat ride to the Wilderness Lodge?? We’ve been to Artist Point, But have not been to Whispering Canyon yet…

If all our dilemas were like this…


Chef Mickey’s is fun but for two adults I would go for something more grown up. I like your idea of going to WL and trying Whispering Canyon Cafe. The food is good and the atmosphere is great. We ate at Councourse Steakhouse in May and it was ok but nothing great at all.


Never eaten there, but if you’re carniverous, the Concourse is rated as a sleeper restaurant at WDW, excellent steaks. Definitely the more adult restaurant of the three.

If you have extra cash for this meal, go upstairs to Cal. Grill and get some awesome food and service!


We LOVED The Concourse!! So great!!


I love Concourse. Great atmosphere. It’s quiet, but not too quiet. More adult, but still makes you feel like you are at Disney. It’s one of my favorite places to eat. They just have a smallish menu.


I also have to say the concourse steakhouse we ate there last year and it was awesome!!! their filet migion with gorganzola butter is to die for!!! We have ADR’s for it again this year too!


I have never eatten at Concourse Steakhouse, but have tried the other two. We really enjoyed LTT!!! LTT provides the characters, but a little more subdued environment than Chef Mickey’s!! We loved it and can’t wait to return!


You’ve got bigger dilemmas here. How early or late do you want to eat? Do you want to see Wishes inside the park or outside? Chef Mickey’s is very hard to get reservations for, and trying to time your dinner at Cali Grill can be rough too if you want to watch fireworks from up there. You might not like Liberty Tree, it’s not a buffet, it’s family style service. That’s a more limited menu than say Crystal Palace served at your table on a serving platter. You asked about other places on the monorail or lagoon. One of my favorites is Narcoossee’s at Grand Floridian. Kona Cafe at the Poly is pretty good. We’ve eaten at Concourse and will do so again. Another thing, depending on when you go, the magic hours could start at as late as midnight and close at 3 or early as 8-11. Oh and most if not all of these restaurants have their last seatings at 9:50 and their earliest at 4:30-5.


Yeah, what soundgod said! You better think this through! :laugh:

Seriously, though - you can’t go wrong with The Concourse. I mean it. Eat there.



Im gonna go out on a limb here and say Trails End at Fort Wilderness. Cheapest buffet and I love all of the the traditional fare. Fried Chicken, a carved meat, etc. Plus you can take either the MK or Contempoary Launch (with a walk) to get to the park pronto. Great ambiance at the Fort, love sitting on thoes rocking chairs.

2nd choice for Adults would be Citricos. My wifes personal favorite.

3rd. Grand Floridian Cafe? Could be interesting…


I have not eaten at Concourse, but it gets good reviews in the Unofficial Guide.


We made a last minute ressie in June and everything was cooked to perfection, and delicious, too.


Us, too! Our service was incredible, and everything tasted SOOO good!

Our Miss Caisley spilled a drink (embarassing!), and they handled it so nicely…it was a great experience! SOoooooooo cool to have the monorail going through…I thought that was the coolest! :wub:

At no other place in the world can I eat dinner, and a WDW monorail go right through!!!


What about California Grill? That is supposed to be great with amazing views !!


Check their menu at to be sure there’s something you’ll like, but I’ll be going back there on our next big trip. That would be 4 years in a row, with two of our meals being on our anniversary. Try to plan your dining time so that you can watch fireworks from the observation deck.