Contemporary viewing deck


is there anyway to get onto the contemporary viewing deck if you do not have reservations for california grill? the shuttle is supposed to launch 12/17 and would love to see it from the observation deck on the 15th floor.


Not sure about the CG deck, but there is a viewing area where you head to the bridge that connects the Contemporary and BLT.


Aren’t there viewing decks on the fourth floor of the Contemporary? Maybe each floor?

Here we go -

This is clearly pre-BLT, but see how there are balconies on each level outside the monorail entrance? I’m pretty sure anyone can access these.

Here’s an after-BLT pic that shows the balconies, too -

I’ve seen people on these balconies watching the fireworks before, so I’m pretty confident you could see the shuttle launch. And there’s balconies on each end of the Contemporary, so if you know what side the launch can be viewed from, that would be helpful.


There is a public viewing area off the 4th floor concourse, but there are obstructions such as tree lines and monorail beams (and occasional monorails).
Those “balconies” that you’re seeing on both ends of the building are fire stair landings.
As such, I don’t know what alarms or sensors you might set off by opening those doors.
You certainly will not be allowed up to California Grill without reservations.
Plus, with a launch time of 8:51 (the window will only remain open for 10 minutes) you are butting right up against the absolute crush of people wanting to watch the fireworks at 9:30.
My suggestion would be to get friendly with someone who is staying on the Bay Lake side of the tower who will let you watch the launch.
If you are going to sneak into one of the fire stairs, the only one that will give you a view of the launch will be the northwest corner of the building. This gives an open view to the east north east and should allow you to see the launch once it climbs above the horizon. Because of the trajectory of a space station launch, the shuttle flies off to the north east.


you may be able to view it from the bay lake tower hallway. when we stayed there, people just let us in. kinda annoying since i was so excited to use my card to open the door lol!!! but i definitely think you can get into blt and watch it from there.


oh and either way you’ll get a really great view from the magic kingdom


We saw the last shuttle from the boat dock of the Grand Floridian. It was a beautiful view, and we could see it clearly once it got past the Contemporary building. And, the view over the water, with MK right there was very special.


Looks like this won’t be an issue for your vacation after all.
The launch is now delayed until February 3.
It’s almost as if Discovery knows this is its last flight and doesn’t want to go away.


i saw that - oh well, now i will have an excuse to go back in february =)