Contemporary vs. Animal Kingdom?


I’m wanting to stay at a deluxe resort this time around. I kicked around the idea of going to the grand floridian, but honestly the rooms remind me of visiting a rich old grandmas house. I want something a little more my age (25). So, I think I have it narrowed down to the contemporary and the animal kingdom lodge. I really like the way the rooms look kinda futuristic ,at the contemporary.but on the flipside,it doesn’t look like it has very much of a disney “feel” to it. But being so close to the magic kingdom,and getting a room with a view of it would be awesome,especially watching the fireworks. So that’s my take on the contemporary. As for the animal kingdom…well, I don’t have a lot to say, other than I think the view of the animals would be cool. I’ve never stayed at either one of them. I also like the fact how the contemporary is all in one building,and u don’t have to walk a mile to the food court like I have in the past the CSR and CBR. Well, I guess while I’m asking this question, I might as well take suggestions from anyone who has stayed at any of the other deluxe resorts. I kinda like the way the wilderness lodge looks too. I’m open to anything. I don’t know about anyone else on mouse buzz, but I know the resort I stay in,has a lot to do with my overall experience and how I enjoy the trip. CBR was good,for a moderate resort. But ill never go back to CSR,that place was horrible. I hated seeing all the “suits” walikg around going to and from the convention center,and they get the best rooms…closest to the food court. Overall,I hated it. So, if anyone had a great experience at any of the deluxes, please gimme all the details. Thanks.


Why not Poly? Fireworks from the beach without the “stuffier” GF feel.


Contemporary is one of my “dream” resorts and one day I hope to stay there. Especially since the refurb it just looks awesome and being on a monorail is part the reason.
However, I have stayed at AKL and I LOVVVEEED it. We stayed there for our honeymoon and had a great time. I love the lobby, Boma is fantastic, and the animals and savannas are amazing. If you can swing the big price of Contemporary I’d say stay there but you will NOT be disappointed with AKL.


We have never stayed at the AKL–but that is the one resort we hope to try in the near future. We have stayed at the Contemporary and we found it “okay.” Nothing spectacular (although the kids did like the one year we had a tower room with a view of the castle–it was kind of special). But to us the resort is very busy and loud. We prefer the quiet and peacefulness at the mods.


haha, I’ve been saying that for YEARS! I don’t think I’d ever want to stay at the Grand Floridian! :pinch:

Anyway, the title of this thread TOTALLY 'cause my eye because they are two of my most favorite resorts. Also, a big question here is what dates are you looking at for your stay? I ask because there is a good deal of construction & change going on at both resorts that could somewhat effect your enjoyment of each. A friend at work just returned from AKL, she was looking forward to taking her kids there for a whole year. She was SOO dissapointed that she spent all this money on a Savannah View room & stared at the Kidani Village construction the whole time. She even asked to switch rooms but they couldn’t accomodate her. Don’t forget that they are building the big DVC tower at the Contemporary also & a few changes to the inside of the main building. If your stay is going to be BEFORE Sept. '09 I would be inclined to suggest a different Deluxe if you’re concerned about the above; like the Poly or Wilderness Lodge.


Hands down: Contemporary Tower Magic Kingdom view!
Walking distance to MK, 15 minutes to Epcot via frequent monorail service, marina on Bay Lake.
You will pay about $120-170 a night more for Contemporary over AKL.

By the way, we stayed at AKL this past June and our room had a view of construction. we still had plenty of animals roaming around. But we go to WDW enough that I can ignore construction because I know that in the near future, it will be done (well that and being a city boy I’m used to construction). The construction at the Contemporary is pretty removed from the tower and only visible from the Bay Lake side anyway. Also, the project there is so far advanced that by June, most of the heavy construction should be done. (I think).
The work in the main concourse of the Contemporary is just about done, if not all done now that the steakhouse is gone and they’ve moved Contempo to Go into it’s permanent location and all rooms were refurbed 2 years ago.
One last thing, Contemporary has widescreen LCD TVs, AKL doesn’t.


Decisions, decisions… I think I’m in a WL mood today!!


I’m almost always in a WL mood.

Speaking of construction at Contemporary, if you look at Leslie’s avatar, you’ll notice kangaroo construction cranes. They were completely removed by Oct. 22. So as I said, construction is moving along fairly smoothly and quickly there.


Wow Isaiah, both of those are excellent choices. Those are the two resorts that I aspire to reach some day. As you said, they both have their advantages. Neither one would be a disappointment.

For me, I would have to compare the prices of the two choice rooms (AKL Savannah view and Contemp MK view) to really help me decide.


I plan my trips waaaaaaay in advance. im not going until December 2009. But its gonna be the best disney trip ever


I can only speak for AKL, as I have not had the pleasure of staying at the Contemporary yet. We too include our resort as part of the vacation, enjoying the down time as much as the park time. I have to tell you that there is such a peacefulness at AKL, with the warm colors, wonderful smells and the calmness throughout. The CM’s are wonderful, and are always available for conversation about their culture, etc. As we all know, the main highlight is all the animals, but also take advantage of enjoying the artwork throughout. The times we have not stayed at AKL, we definitely thought about and missed it the whole time. It’s just a wonderful addition to a trip.


One last thing, Contemporary has widescreen LCD TVs, AKL doesn’t.[/QUOTE]

Just remember Kidani Village is open for business in May 2009 and all the new rooms also have widescreen LCD TV’s. You can check out the rooms at the saratoga springs preview center.:AK:


Oh, well if the trip isn’t until Dec. '09 then none of the construction will effect you. That’s a really hard choice, I guess it depends on your personal preferences. Contemporary & Wilderness Lodge offer amazing and easy transportation options; boat to the MK, closeness to the monorail, & buses. AKL only offers bus service and can feel far away from parts of WDW, like DtD… but you get the amazing animal viewing. They all have great restaurants & as far as rooms go I think most of the Contemporary rooms have been refurbed to include flat screens, etc.

You really can’t lose with any. Also considering you are staying in December, I personally love the Christmas vibe in both Wilderness Lodge & Animal Kingdom Lodge over the Contemporary.


Because you’re planning your trip for December, I’d strongly suggest reorienting yourself and choosing WL over the others.
The reason is WL and GF have the best Christmas decorations.
So, WL has the same price structure as AKL (lowest of the deluxe hotels), excellent decorations, widescreen TVs in every room, a dedicated boat to the MK, and even the possibility of getting a room with a view of the Contemporary and Cinderella’s Castle.
Just some food for thought.


I couldn’t agree more with the sense of peace this resort brings. I just love AKL. If you book a sav view think about upgrading to the concierge level-you will not be disapointed.


I have not stayed at the Contemporary, but I have stayed at AKL. We had a view of construction (complete with port-o-potties), but we still saw animals, and we were ok with it. But there was just something about the whole place that made us all go “eh”. For a deluxe, we were a bit disappointed. I far preferred POR or CBR to AKL.

So I guess my vote would be for the Contemporary. :happy:
It has a very sleek, sophisticated feel to it. And if you do stay there, try dinner at California Grill one night on the top floor - they play the music for Wishes and you get an AMAZING view of the fireworks from way up there. (That I have done, and I can say it was worth every penny. :heart:)