Contemporary vs. POR


I know that the CR is a deluxe and POR is a moderate. We just stayed at POFQ and loved it! It was the first moderate I have ever stayed at, I have only stayed in deluxe before. However, it was dh first at a moderate he only ever stayed at the All Stars. I know that the Deluxes are better, etc. however is it worth the price difference, having stayed at CR, Poly, and WL, we do not spend alot of time in the resort and our kids will be 3 and almost 5. They don’t know the difference.

However, it would be nice with the little ones to have the monorail. And, I could do it as a surprise and not tell DH. I am afraid though, once he stays deluxe, he will never want to go back to a moderate, he vowed never again to stay at the All-Stars after the last trip. And I really want to stay at POR.

I guess my question is, POR nice enough to justify not going to the CR?


Well , your husband sounds like mine! He really only likes the deluxe resorts. I will stay anywhere with a bed!
We have stayed at both. Here is JMO , of all the Moderate resorts I think POR is the nicest. It has most of the amenities of a deluxe. However the rooms are smaller, the resort is larger and more spread out. POR is the only moderate DH will stay at. Values- no he hates the beds!
So is POR nice enough, I think so. But would I rather stay at the CR- yes.


If you do not spend a lot of time at the resort and utilize it to the fullest, than you are wasting your money paying for a deluxe. If you are happy with PO, stick with what you know and what you know makes you happy. Treat yourself to a dinner show and call it money saved on not staying at the deluxe. I personally love staying at the deluxe resorts, but I seriosuly use my resort…daily. It’s worth it to me to have a bigger and better room. We take breaks every day and have been known to just hang out at the resort and cut our park days short or start them after dinner if we feel like it. We use the pools, gyms etc…makes sense for us to spend the extra money. For you and your family, it doesn’t make any sense.


The absolute biggest difference is POR has 2 double beds while Contemporary has 2 queens.
After that, location and ease of transport to 2 parks (MK is walking distance and faster than the monorail and Epcot is about 15-20 minutes even with having to change trains at TTC.
You can rent a boat and ride around in front of the Magic Kingdom while everyone on the ferries and monorails watches you.
Beyond that, price is a big factor, but if you can swing it, you should be happy you did.


If you really want to stay at POR (we love it too!), and your kids won’t know any difference, and you don’t spend much time in the room – then you should go for POR and save all that extra cash for the fun stuff!

POR is wonderful, and while the monorail is great, everyone at CR and POR has to take the bus anyway to MGM and AK… We love the monorail, but we have never stayed at a monorail resort. So we get our fix by taking it from MK to EC pretty often!


I couldn’t agree more!


I think that staying at a Monorail resort would be great, but that novelty wears off quickly once you realize that the busses at POR are coming so frequently, it’s no problem to catch one at any time.
I am a POR fan. Didn’t you just love taking that boat from POFQ to DTD? Well, at POR it’s a slightly longer ride on the boat :wink:

You’ll save money for other fun stuff staying at POR.


I am a POR fan too and although to stay in a de-luxe resort would be nice for a change I know we would get real sentimental about POR.


I would stay at POR. If your husband gets spoiled, then you are running the risk of never staying there, and it is a beautiful resort not to be missed. As the others have said…save the money for some fun stuff!


I’d go for POR too. Once you get him to Deluxe there’s no going back. Take advantage of it whlie you can.


I would love to stay at POR but with two teenagers and a twelve year old they just don’t have the room, so we’ll be staying at the Contemporary. I wish they would make it more economical for larger families to stay in the moderates without having to book two rooms. DH will not do the values.


Oh boy is this true. As much as we like POR/FQ, I still long for WL or AKL. :pinch:


We have stayed at most all the hotels there, and we enjoy POR the most. Poly is also great but over priced.


POR has been the site of many, many lovely days with our family. Wow, the kids were so little when we first started going there. Now they are about to go to college!


But wouldn’t the price of 2 rooms at POR equal 1 room at CR?


At the time we booked, it wasn’t. I believe CR was still being priced at value season for early June.


Oh the I’d say go CR, I would, just to try it once :blush: