Now that the new discount codes are out…I’m thinking about switching our stay to the Contemporary. I really like the idea of being so close to MK.

What do you guys think?


I Love it…being able to walk to MK is the best. :smile:


But I would check for rooms…I was looking for late June into July and they were booked. :sad:


We are going the first week of May…I don’t think that’s too busy.

Walking to MK was what I found to be cool - I hope we can do that!


I hope you can…it is so nice if you stay till MK closes and just walk out…take a left…and no crowd…nice walkway …we would watch to see if we beat the monorail…we would most nights. :smile:

Here is a picture from the walkway:


The walk was great and the view was better. Our room was on the MK side and I sat on the balcony and felt I was in the park.


I think it’s an excellent idea - the rooms at the Contemp are suppose to be the largest of all WDW resorts - and walking to the MK - how great is that!

But I’d call as soon as possible Roxie.


I would go for it!

Thats exactly what we did two years ago, switched from POR to the Contemp when a code became available, we didn’t regret that decision.

The walk to the MK is SHORT. It’s so awesome to get in and out of the MK so quickly.


I agree, I would call as soon as possible! Good luck, let us know on what you decide!


Yes you can see “Wishes” and hear all the park sounds…so nice. :smile:


Once you apply a code you cannot switch hotel resorts. you can move the date, but you are locked into that hotel. I tried this before and I was trying to upgrade to a deluxe (i.e. give them more money) and I could not! So be sure that you really want to stay at that hotel before you apply a code!
Happy resort shopping!!!


I would DEFINATELY say try the Contemporary!! Would you be able to do the main building? I think it’s TOTALLY worth it, ESPECIALLY if you get a MK view.


Contemporary would be so cool! Good luck-I hope they have some rooms available!!


We really liked our stay at the Contemporary. Although it was close enough to walk, we never did. We just hopped on the monorail. It was great. Especially for my DD’s 2 yr old son. I think if you can get a good deal, you should go for it.


I will be trying this out late March. My ressie is for a garden room and not a tower room. I did not realize that when I booked but it is expensive enough as it is. Perhaps I will get lucky and get an upgrade.


Oh! That would be SOOOOOO amazing! Good for you, Roxie - I hope you go for it!


I would LOVE to be able to roll out of bed and WALK to MK!!!
(well, maybe I’d shower first)



Just made my AP reservation for the Contemporary for 4/8 - 4/14. Dad and Daughter trip.!!!
Does anyone understand this, online on the Disney Website it says I reserved a Jr. Suite (no where on site does it describe a jr. suite at contemporary), on online reservation paper printout it say Garden-Wing-Deluxe Room (accordint to DW website there is no such thing of this either. Any ideas?


Here is the description for Disney’s site…yes it is hidden…hope this helps :smile:

Deluxe Garden 1 Bedroom Suite

This suite has a bedroom, a parlor and two bathrooms. The bedroom has a king-size bed and a day bed. The parlor has a queen-size Sico (mobile) bed and a day bed. The suite has ceiling fans, TV/VCR, and table and chairs. Located in the garden wing, a three-story building next to the Tower, these suites are only located on the second and third floors of the wings. Sleeps 7. Amenities include in-room wall safe, voice mail, data port on lighting fixture, phone in bath area, hairdryer, iron and ironing board. Coffeemaker and refrigerator are available upon request. Views of gardens or Bay Lake available.


Actually, SoG have the biggest rooms on property, but only us military folks get to go there… :wink:

But I’ve stayed at CR before and it’s GREAT! Walking to MK is very cool…