I know there are rooms being refurbished at the Contemporary - but is it ALL the Garden Wing rooms? On the Disney website I wanted to get a price quote for 4 nights in November, but the lowest priced room it gave me was a Tower Room - MK view. Was just wondering if they aren’t accepting reservations for the lesser priced rooms until the refurbishment is completed.


Right now it is just the South Wing and the Tower(one floor at a time) . Rumor is the North Wing may become a DVC site(Just a rumor…for now).


Is that the floor that is all blocked off, there?
It must be the 6th floor?


Yeah they hang tarps to keep in the dust and stuff. :wink:


But, R2G, I want some of that WDW dust to get blown on me! :crying:


Ok…next time I’m in WDW…I’ll be happy to dump a hand full of MK dirt on you :tongue: