Does the Contemporary have a small movie theatre? I thought that it did! Or am I confusing it with something else?


The only thing I know about is movies that play in an area of the lobby that kids often go to while parents are checking in.

Welcome to DC!


I’ve stayed there twice. No theater that I can remember.


A long time ago there was a movie theater at the Contemporary. The entrance was in the game room. I am not sure when it was removed.


Aren’t there movies played at the Fort Wilderness Campground? Could you be thinking of that?


Yes it did. :smile:

Fiesta Fun Center: [now gone] Originally used as exhibit space for conventions, this giant arcade had many mechanical games, such as themed shooting galleries, an auto racing game that used plastic overlays, skee ball, and video games. There was also a theater for watching Disney films. There was also a snack bar that was open 24 hours a day. This area is now known as the Food and Fun Center and the movie theater is now gone.


I just stayed at the Contemporary and sorry no movie theatre. There was a small lounge area where people can watch classic Disney cartoons.


i remember the new mickey mouse club did stay in the contemporary.


Thanks! It’s obviously been a looooong time since I’ve been there. My honeymoon 11 years ago to be exact. I am sooo excited to be finally going back. YIPPEE! :smile:


Welcome to DC!

My family and I stayed at the Contemporary in 2003, and we loved it! :happy:


Ready2Go, that was a GREAT link!! Thank you!!! I don’t remember the contemporary before the late 80’s but it looked pretty groovy. haha


It would be cool if they actually housed a working Disney Television sound stage at the Contemporary, and would have tours and so forth through the studio. I know that sort of thing is more likely at MGM, but we are getting less and less access to the backlot there now!

"Live from the Contemporary Resort, we present The New Mickey Mouse Club… “Who’s the leader of the pack…”


I can’t wait to go back too. :smile: It’s my fave. :cool:


Welcome to DC beth, and have a great time on yor trip!