Ok, so we’re newbies at staying on-site. I just received our confirmation in the mail, the “tickets” if you will, to our 7 night stay at the Contemporary. However, there are no directions. How does one even get to the Contemporary? LOL We’re driving down, so no shuttle from the airport. I guess I need to find a map & figure out where I go to get to the Contemporary parking lot? Check in is at 3 … what if we don’t make it by 3, we’re driving from Chicago the day before, staying somewhere in GA (unless DH stops to visit his client in KY) … the “getting there” is still sort of up in the air. It’s hard to book a hotel in GA somewhere when you’re not even sure where you’ll be & when. sigh.

Anyway … I’m a little disappointed. When I ordered just park-hoppers from Disney 6 yrs ago, they sent us the park hopper tickets in the mail, in a cool hatbox with Donald & Daisy beanies, along with two Briar bear beanies, what a neat surprise that was! Now I go & plunk down over $5K, and all I get in the mail as confirmation is these slips of paper. I know it’s gonna be Fab when we get there, I just figured they’d help a newbie out a little better. :tongue:


Just follow the signs to the Magic Kingdom, and then when you get to the ticket gates for parking, stay to the right, and you’ll see signs for the Contemporary.


Thank you hon.:wub:


We’ve driven from Chicago area, and yes, have never been provided a map. But if you mapquest it to the Contemporary’s address, it will bring you right there. Also, don’t worry about if you arrive early or late. If early, there’s a good possibility that a room may be available for you. If not, they will hold your luggage and you can proceed into the parks. If you are late, they are not like many other hotels, giving away your room. It’s yours so whenever you show, it will be available for you. We arrived at 2:00am because of flight delays once, didn’t have a problem at all.


I have another resort newbie question. We traditionally hit Downtown Disney the first night we arrive, but this is the first year we’re on-site – and have park hoppers for all nights - so we’d be wasting a park hopper ticket if we didn’t hit the parks right away … . I think I just answered my own question before I even asked it. LOL. I think we’ll hit the parks instead of downtown disney.


:ph34r: i am embarrassed by my newbie-ness :ph34r: :blush:


And you can walk to the MK from the Contemporary.:smile:


Being right on the monorail…it would be silly not to! It’s not a bad walk to the MK from the Contemp either, but after walking all day…who wants to walk…take the monorail!:laugh:


We’re staying at the CR in June and you better believe we’re going to hop on that monorail and hit the parks as soon as I can throw the luggage in the room.

We usually travel during value season. We usually take a late flight after the kiddos get out of school and arrive after the parks are closed. This is the first time we are going during the kid’s summer vacation. It just seem like the trip will be that much longer since we will get use of the parks that first night instead of just heading to bed as soon as we arrive.


Yeah, it’s been 4 years since our last visit. That’s a “lifetime” for a kid, LOL. Our 12 yr old is beyond excited, our 7 yr old was 3 last time, and our 3 yr old was, well, in the womb … so … we’re really excited for our kids this time around.:wub:


This sounds like it’s going to be a very memorable trip for you. I’m jealous that you only have only a little over a month to go. Take lots of pics and let me know what you think of the Contemporary Resort. June will be our first time staying in CR and I want all the details about the resort.


Check-in time is always 3pm OR LATER. In the event that you arrive after 6 pm, you should call the resort and tell them the estimated ETA, so that they know you’re on the way.

Relax, you’ll have the most wonderful time staying on property :smile:

I guess you would be disappointed with the unceremonious sending of paper confirmations, when they treated you so well before. I have never heard of anyone getting such a beautiful package before. Lucky you


We drive every time and the resorts are always very easy to find so don’t be nervous about that! The WDW can be so complicated it your looking for just an address…they simplify it SO much by just posting big purple signs with arrows. :laugh: Trust me, one time we google directions and we ended up in the Magic Kingdom parking lot we go so lost! But we just exited the parking lot and followed the signs back to POP and we were all good!! Which is another good reason to always take the buses/boats/or monorails to the parks! A lot less stress!


Because it’s much quicker to walk than it is to take the monorail. Even if the train was waiting for you when you got to the platform. The resort train goes clockwise around the lagoon, so the first stop is TTC, not MK. It could take you 20 minutes to go from Contemporary to MK. The trip back is much quicker, but still, more often than not, it’s just as fast walking, especially if you have to wait through one or more trains.
Food for thought.


Don’t be. We were all newbies at one time. Our next trip will be our 14th visit to WDW, staying at POR every trip. This year will be the first time staying at the Contemporary so we have questions also. I’ll wait til it gets closer to our time (Dec.) before I start asking. If I ask now, I’ll forget what the answers were.:blush: Enjoy your stay. You’re going to have a blast!


That’s just one of the reasons we’re so looking forward to staying at the Contemporary. We get so sick of waiting for buses etc., walking to and from our favorite park will be a treat.


we’re pretty excited … the kids don’t know I booked a castle view too … yippee …


We did too. That’s another reason we’re so excited about staying at the Contemporary. Let me know what you think when you get back.


Oh…I’m jealous! That’s the one resort I’ve always wanted to stay in. And now since they’ve refurbished it, it’s even better!!


ok-if you stay somewhere in GA… I can help… If you are looking around the Atlanta area… You can stay in the Marietta area, through Atlanta. From there it is about 7 1/2 hours (doing 75mph) including stops. From there if you want to stop… here are the places to stop in Ga… Other than these cities… there is nowhere to stop-you can try Macon (1 hour south of ATL), then Valdosta (near the state line-4 hours from wdw… then there is Gainesville once you are in FLA>… Have a great trip… You will love it!