If they extend the 3 nights free options through July I am going to book a trip. On our last trip we were very lucky to have stayed at the Contemporary. I loved it. On all our other trips we have stayed at POR. The food court at the Contemporary was not much to talk about. The food court at POR was fantastic. Our last visit to Disney was August of 2007 and it looked like there were some renovations being done to the food court at the Contemporary. Does anyone know if they remodeled?


A lot of remodeling has happened at Contemporary! One of the things changed is the location of the food court (I believe), but I can’t remember where it’s been moved to.


The new quick serve location is now open in the space formerly occupied by the Concourse Steakhouse next to Chef Mickey’s.


We were just at Chef Mickey . . . it had an overhaul too! It was really good and NO BIRDS!!! Which was a major plus! :happy:


The food court is where the Steakhouse used to be on the 4th floor. I checked it out the last time we were at the world in the fall and I think it is an improvement over the one downstairs. (BTW: where the old one was is now a table service restaurant).


I didn’t know Chef Mickey’s had an overhaul! I am looking forward to seeing that.


We were there in Dec. and the food was alright, but we all felt that the food court at POR is still much better. Loved the Contemporary though.


We’ll since they extended the deal through August, I booked our vacation…
We are staying at the Grand Floridian. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would ever stay there. I am so excited. I still would like to stay at the Contemporary but the only rooms they had available for the deal were more expensive than the Grand Floridian…

I still can beleive it!!!


We were at the Contemporary for Chef Mickey’s but didn’t notice the food court. Its a personal preference, but I thought the Contemporary was a little “corporate” and lacked the real disney feel. I would go for POR.


Chef Mickey’s was undergoing enlargement when we ate there in mid December.
Nice to see it’s finished.
One thing I wish they’d do is remove all the stuff blocking the windows in the south end room. Have they?


Yeah they have done alot of remodoling and there will be alot it is a great resort but kind of risky becuase of its remodoling i know i went in 98


The remodeling of the Contemporary is almost at an end and will probably be completed when they open the Bay Lake Tower.
The rooms in the tower and the remaining wing were done years ago and the concourse was the last phase.