Convention Dates at the Coronado Springs


My family and I are staying at the CSR May 17-24, and I would love to know if there are any conventions going on during that time. Does anyone know where I could find this information?

Are the convention goers really as bad as I keep reading?


I found this…


We were there one year during a convention. I didn’t think it was that bad. Remember they are their mainly for work, not on vacation.
Plus the convention part of the resort is on the other side of the food area, so it’s not like you’re in “the mix of things” in the convention area.
I really wouldn’t worry about it.


Not at all. Can you get a bad group, yes but you could experience that at any resort. I’ve been to CSR many times and never had a bad experience with any of the conventions.

Thanks for posting the link Cosmicwaves


Thanks for the link. It looks like there will be a convention staying at the hotel everyday while we are there. I suppose the hotel is big enough we may not even know they are there.


The more the merrier. Then they are busy during the day and the pools and buses stay less crowded.


Conventioneers don’t really bother with other guests, unless they’ve brought their families with them.
They’re locked up in meetings for much of the day and you’ll often only see conventioneers as nothing more than a migrating herd transitioning between their sleeping holes and all of their breakout groups and evening mass attendance events.