Convert tickets to APs AFTER you get home



We had tickets til the 25th of June, the day we got home.

Is there any way to call now to convert them to annual passes? Does anyone know? If so, who do we call?

Thanks, we now want to go back for a second trip and this seems like the best value.


I don’t have an answer but I would assume the 14 day clock is ticking. So even if you could convert to an AP once you got home, has 14 days gone by since you started using the tickets? I thought you had to do any changes within 14 days.


I may be wrong, but dont you do the conversion actually at the parks? I know we upgraded once from MYW to AP and I am sure it was done just outside the park at the Ticket place? Please dont take my word as Gospel, that was some time ago and it may be different now. I would call WDW for confirmation- and hope that I’m wrong!


We were told no way possible- several times by several CM’s LOL!
The only way was within the 14 day window and we had to physically be at WDW to do it. Specifically at the park ticket window. We were within the time frame but not there.

We found out we could go again in a few months 2 days after I returned home and it would have saved a bundle had we been able to! Unless they changed it, I tried every plea I could muster. No dice.