Convince Me on Chef Mickey's


Any overwhelming reasons why we need to go to Chef Mickey’s even though we’re going to be meeting the characters at the parks? If you can convince me, I’ll try for a ressie :blush:


While you wait to meet . . . you eat! 'nuf said! :laugh:


Chef Mickey’s was quite possibly our most enjoyable dining experience our last trip. The characters were very interatctive and the CM were great about taking pictures for us. The food on the buffet was some of the better buffet food we found during our trip… the cheezy potatoes and corn bread rocked!

When are you going? I may not want to convince you too much so there’s a ressie left for me if we’re going the same time! :wink:


lol, we’re going in March 7-14. My girls aren’t really into rides so I have a feeling the parks are going to mostly be about meeting characters for us. Well, I guess we’ll see, maybe they’re thrill-seekers in disguise :laugh:


I think Chef Mickey’s is a requirement! You just have to do it if you can get an ADR!! The food is great, the atmosphere is chaotic, but it is soooo much fun!


I completely agree!! It was one of, if not the best character meal that we had!! The food, the atmosphere…everything!! oh an the dessert bar…yummy!!


The dessert alone is worth the trip!


Thanks all! Now to see if I can get a ressie …


Have you never been before? Most of the rides at MK are super kid friendly!

I have a 9 and 4 year old. We haven’t ventured into any thrill rides yet . . . but there are PLENTY for them to enjoy . . . that are just fun or full of eye candy! :happy:


Good luck with the ressie Chef Mickeys is one of the most requested places, but if you do manage to get in its just a fabulous place, great food, great atmosphere and fantastic characters-it really is a must do, and its so much more up close and personal than the character meets in the parks.




This is why we go to Chef Mickey’s. Our DD always has a great time and the food is pretty good too.


Chef Mickey’s was our first experience with character dining. I was a little nervous at how my family (the adults at least) would respond. Wasn’t sure they would think it worth the price.

It ended up being a highlight of our trip! The character interaction was awesome and the food was great. Make a reservation with confidence!

PS - Welcome to MB!


I haven’t had a great experience at CM’s. Sorry to be the lone voice of opposition here. We have gone twice at breakfast and the food is average at best and the atmosphere is incredibly loud. I was also disappointed in the Photopass pics last time, as they removed the little Mickey statue with the fork and spoon that said “Chef Mickey’s,” from in front of the big plate.

Are lunch and dinner better? Everyone is raving about the dessert bar, should we try a different meal?


lines, are you traveling with kids? What ages?

I have never been to Chef Mickey’s, but I have been on this website for a very long time, and I hear only glowing reviews of CM!


Haven’t been to Chef Mickey since 1996 - we were going to do Breakfast there this past September but couldn’t fit it into our schedule…

It is on our schedule for our next trip.


[QUOTE=MissDisney;921011]lines, are you traveling with kids? What ages?

I have never been to Chef Mickey’s, but I have been on this website for a very long time, and I hear only glowing reviews of CM![/QUOTE]

My oldest daughter is turning 5 while we’re there, actually. We’re going to the castle for breakfast on her birthday and I was thinking of Chef Mickey’s for dinner. I also have a 2 year old daughter and babt :heart: .


They kids would love Chef Mickey’s


love Chef Mickeys, up close lots of fun Mmmm food. waving your napkin around your head as the gang march out:heart: get your photo with the big plate on your photopass. We love it there with or without the kids.


We have been to CM and are for sure going back. We went for breakfast and the food was good. We loved the Mickey shaped waffles. The atmosphere is great for meeting characters. You get that little extra attention with them that you don’t get at the park. The kids also enjoyed watching the monorail come through, okay I’ll be honest I think that thrilled my DH more, he took tons of pictures of that alone.