Convince me on Napa Rose & some others please


I can make my Disneyland dining arrangements on Monday but we are having some trouble deciding. I want to make 2-3 dinner PSs and one breakfast. Daniel DEFINATELY wants to do Goofy’s Kitchen for dinner again, so I was figuring that would be my little birthday celebration.

So I need two more dinners & one breakfast.

Since it’s our 5 year wedding anniversary also everyone keeps telling us Napa Rose. Believe it or not, we’ve never eaten there. I think I was kinda putting this one on the backburner b/c it’s such a short trip this time & taking carry-on only doesn’t allow a whole lot of room for a nice dress & extra pair of shoes, not to mention another nice outfit for Daniel, just to eat dinner there. Also, if we do Napa Rose I’ll have to cut out our possible Fantasmic viewing/dessert thing, or a dinner. Is it worth all this? We have eaten at California restaurants similar to Napa Rose, like “Ventana” in Big Sur on our honeymoon, etc.

Also, breakfast… I say Storytellers, he says “Breakfast with Minnie” on Main Street. :pinch:

So which choice would you pick & why:

Choice A:
Day 1, birthday celebration dinner at Goofy’s Kitchen
Day 2, anniversary celebration at Napa Rose
Day 3, counter service
Day 4, breakfast at Storytellers or w/Minnie

Choice B:
Day 1, birthday celebration dinner at Goofy’s Kitchen
Day 2, anniversay celebration at Hooke’s Point
Day 3, Fantasmic seating w/ dessert buffet
Day 4, breakfast at Storytellers or w/Minnie


I’m all for WDW. I can give you a ton of suggestions for that.
day 1 Birthday celebration @ Chef Mickey.
day 2 Anniversary celebration @ so many to pick from…what’s your style or fav foods?
day 3 Extra day to try BOMA
day 4 Ohana for breakfast or dinner-both meals wonderful


hehe, I apologize, I was TOTALLY kidding about the WDW part. We’ll be there in October. I wanted to be in Disneyland to celebrate our anniversary because it was part of our honeymoon and well I just :heart: me some Disneyland! :happy:

If we WERE going to WDW for my 30th & 5 year wedding anniversary I’d probably choose California Grill for my birthday & Artist Point for our anniversary. :happy:

Great suggestions though, we actually have all 3 of those for our October ADRs.


Believe it or not, Napa Rose does not quite have the dress code requirement like V&A in WDW.

The restaurant is resort casual. I have eaten there four times… Two were casual, two were dressed up. The first time we ate there it was casual. The second time we dressed up 'cause I thought a slight in the bar service was either our “casual” appearance the first time or that “single dads leave lousy tips”… Turns out it was the second. :pirate: When Voldemort and I ate there last December we got all gussied up. :happy: But for some reason she was all for the idea, as opposed to a 13 year old boy who has something against belts and ties… :dry:

It’s nice to dress up. But don’t let baggage restrictions prevent you from enjoying what is by far the best restaurant on the Disney property. In fact, I would seriously recommend the tastings dinner. Michael Johnson is a master, and you would be missing out on a wonderful disney experience. :mickey:

If there is only one regret about Napa Rose, it’s that they don’t discount off the Premium Pass… :sad: