Convincing Family!


Hi Everyone,
I am having a difficult time getting my sisters to decide to go to WDW!!! :angry: I’ve done all the legwork with quotes on the best deals as far as tickets and Resorts, the best times to go, etc. Nothing gets through to them, they just him and haw! The first time I went I wasn’t that excited either. NOW, you better believe I’m hooked. :heart: :tongue: Always figuring when we can return!!! Just wondering have any of you persuaded someone to go and it turn out to be a disaster? I mean, did they not enjoy it? I can’t imagine that happening, especially for my sisters since their kids are perfect ages. It would be my luck though, as long and as hard as I have worked on convincing them :crying:


My guess is that they need to see some “adult” things to do. Many people think WDW is not fun without kids. They don’t know about the cool resorts, Pleasure Island, water parks, etc. I would show them some cool pictures of resorts, PI, etc. See if that changes anything.


I really understand your frustration. We’ve been through the same thing. I have one friend that would be ready to go on a moment’s notice, but everyone else…a colossal headache! As cynical as it sounds, I’ve come to the conclusion that unless your dealing with another Disney addict, it rarely works. And then you end up bending over backwards to try to accomodate everyone else and wind up sacrificing things important to you. I would tell your sisters - “look, this is when we’ve planned to go. We really would love to have you with us. If you’re coming, please let us know by… If you can’t make it, we’ll be so sorry and miss you.” And then go ahead and make your own plans. You’ve done all you can.


Sadly, I haven’t had that problem. Then again, living here, most people either have been or plan on it. I agree with Mickey, tell them about the “adult” things there. But there isn’t much you can do. Give them all the info and tell them how much you want them to go. It’s really up to them in the end! Hope they do decide to go though! They’ll be missing out.


people who do not want to got to Disney??? I’ve heard of this rare species, but never seen them.


I really have tried the “grown up stuff”----it just seems nothing happens! :crying: I believe you may be right llama, I just hate having their kids miss what my kids can’t waite to enjoy every year. Honestly, we begin planning our next trip in the car on the way home so we’re not so depressed!!! They wouldn’t dream of letting their kids go with us because then they wouldn’t experience it with them. It’s a no win situation. We will continue to go to the happiest place on earth and I guess continue to be the happiest in our family!!! :mickey: :smile: :mickey: :smile:


It’s like the old saying “you can take a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink”. One either likes it or they don’t. My DW has two sisters and they would rather go to Las Vegas. One sister went to WDW and never went back. The other has never been. My DW would go at the drop of a hat. Then again so would I! Joe


When all our kids were little my sister’s family and ours took our first trip to DL. My husband and I were hooked. As for my sister, for them it was “been there, done that”. I’ve tried countless times to persuade them to go to WDW and experience the “magic”, but they’re just not interested - and I don’t want to be with someone - even my sister - who I’ve had to force to WDW. To each his own I suppose. (I hope your sisters have a change of heart).


Do you have the Disney Vacation Planning DVD/Video? If so, I would show it to them. I always get a new DVD/video every year to watch with our kids. We love it. I cannot imagine anyone seeing this and not wanting to go right away.


I know a few people like that. There’s a sort of snobbery involved. The sort of thing I hear is “Oh, we’re not theme park people.” As if we that love theme parks are a lower form of life. My usual answer is. “Well there are theme parks and then there’s Disney!” It never changes their mind, but it makes me feel that I know something they don’t - which of course I do!

My advice is that if they don’t want to go, don’t push them. Just make a point of telling them (and especially their kids-if they have any) how great it is and all the wonderful things you’ve done. Their kids will do all the pushing you need. If they don’t get interested by that then you’d be wasting your time taking them anyway. :smile:


I am going to borrow your thread wendy darling and add on to your request for suggestions.

I would like to plead for help in convincing DH to return to WDW. I have been talking about a return trip for almost a year & the kids talk about what they want to do on the next trip but DH doesn’t want to go. Yes, I did overplan last years trip and kinda went commando as far as the schedule and the kids got tired and cranky by the end of the week but lesson learned. He prefers more laid back vacations like at the beach.

Help I am desperate to go back! I lurk here often and sometimes plan entire “pretend” trips just for fun.


A woman convincing her husband to do something? Come on. That has to be the easiest job in the world!!! :whistling :rolleyes: :wink:

The silent treatment usually works best.


Silence generally convinces me to relax. I believe DW has found more effective means of motivating me… :whistling :ninja:


My oldest daughter talked her boyfriend into going with us last year. He hated it, it almost spoiled our trip. He felt it to childish :wacko: . I’m a very responsible adult :biggrin: and only get to act childish for a longer then a few hours when I go to WDW. There I turn into a child the whole time :wub: . My point is if they can’t be silly and childish, they may spoil your trip.That’s way to much money to spend,and then have to listen to an adult whine through most of your vacation. :angry: Tina


[QUOTE=Towncar T]A woman convincing her husband to do something? Come on. That has to be the easiest job in the world!!! :whistling :rolleyes: :wink: QUOTE]

I wish…he is the bread winner in the family (and feels stuck in a job he detests because I chose to be a stay at home mom) and since his vacation time is limited he has the majority say in what we do. He also decided he wanted a boat last fall and now feels all vacations need to be spent boating since we are making payments on the darn thing.

Not that I mind going to the beach or time at the lake, but I want to go to Disney!