We just got back from DTD a few minutes ago. Now we are relaxing at our hotel. We ate at Cookes by Raglan Road for the first time. It was very good. The amount of food was more than we could eat and the fish and chips was good. We ate at Raglan Road right after it opened and we were not overly impressed but I really enjoyed the counter service. The onion rings were the BEST!


Hi Leslie!! How’s the weather?


This morning it was awful. It would rain so hard for a few minutes, then almost stop then start pouring again. We were driving in all this. It started clearing up when we pulled into the big beautiful gates of Disney!! Mickey knows better than to rain on my parade!! Now it is in the low 80’s and beautiful. I just hope it stays this way!!:laugh:


I’m jealous, it sounds wonderful. I hope the crowds are low and the weather stays nice for you. Enjoy your trip and check in with updates if you have time.


I will write tomorrow night about the Flower and Garden show (if I am not too tired from all the fun I am going to have!!! lol:heart:


If you can I would love to see some pictures of the flower show. Have fun and enjoy the great weather I’m sure you will have.


Now I’m really jealous, I love the F&G festival and have to miss it this year. I can’t wait to hear about it and see some pictures.


I’m SOOO jealous.

Let’s make this perfectly clear - NO ONE on this entire Board deserves to be at the Flower Show more that me.:crying: Not even a contest.

We had the same experience with Raglan Road!

Have a wonderful time and I’d love to see some pictures.:happy:


I actually enjoyed Raglan Road, so now I’m REALLY excited to try Cookes!! Just out of curiosity… have you ever had the fish & chips at the UK stand in Epcot? How do those compare to Cookes?


We’ve had both - I like Cookes better.


Thanks, llama! I must get those fish & chips every time I’m in Epcot… it sounds like Cookes may turn into a similar obsession for me… :wub:


We went to the Rose and Crown Monday but didn’t get the fish and chilps. I had the Bangor Mash (or whatever they called it) I called it delicious!! Will post some pics of the F&G show soon.


Weather was just perfect!!!:mickey:


I think that would be ‘Bangers and Mash’ Leslie (of course I am not sure, but I can’t think of any British dish (even in Bangor) called Bangor Mash.:laugh:



Leslie: Were there sausages? Were there mashed potatoes?:laugh:


Yes, there were declicioius saugsages and mashed potatoes! Just couldn’t remember exactly what they called it, but I enjoyed it so much. lol