Cooking in a studio, would this be a problem?


We are breakfast eaters but don’t want to have to go out for breakfast. In pre-DVC days, I was the one who ALWAYS was the one to go get the coffee and whatever. To us, that’s one of the joys of DVC, being able to cook in the room. I think eggs are yucky cooked in a microwave, but today I tried making a fried egg in one of those sandwich maker. This isn’t the one you see on TV now, it must be from about 10 yrs ago. But it worked great. At home I make a egg and cheese on a whole wheat wrap. I’d like to do the same at disney, but wonder if bringing a sandwich maker would be against any rules. Any body know??


Other than the really small sink for clean up I don’t know why it would be a problem. The DVC rooms are made to cook in so you should be fine.


The sink wouldn’t be a problem. All I would do is drop the egg into the sandwich maker. The cold cheese is place on the wrap and the heat from the egg melts it. All I would need is a paper towel to clean the sandwich maker and a paper plate to eat from. When I went will my DGD, it took more work making cereal and toast. And I think my DH will be less messy than my DGD was. :laugh:


When we’ve driven and stayed in PC, we’ve taken a toaster for pop-tart type stuff. I don’t know that what you’re doing is much different.


I don’t think it would be a big deal at all. There is a small kitchenette couter area with coffee maker, toaster, a small sink, microwave, mini fridge, etc. Having the sandwich maker I don’t see as any different than the toaster already in the room.


I don’t see a problem with it.


I don’t think it would be an issue…it’s the same thing technically as a toaster/coffee pot.


I made a fabulous purchase prior to our last WDW trip,and I ust it every day at home. I picked up an electric hot water kettle at Wal-Mart in order to heat water for tea and oatmeal in the room (We stayed at POR.). I was sure to unplug it when I was finished with it, and there was no problem having it there. I know you were talking about a sandwich-maker, but I wanted to chime in! :slight_smile:


I think you should bring your sandwich maker. Great idea!


Thanks for all the replies. Since the DVC is made with cooking in mind, I didn’t think there would be a problem, but didn’t know if certain items would be frowned upon. And I thought this wrap thing would be great. It’s easy to make, easy to eat,and it will hold you for several hours. I just can’t go that long on just toast or a cereal bar. Ok then, so if anyone is wandering about BWV’s during mid-sept and you just have to have an egg wrap, look for me. :happy:


You are going to have a crowd outside of your door. Everyone is going to want one.:laugh: :laugh:


Send me $10 and I won’t tell. :laugh:

As long as you don’t get things smokey…you don’t have a range hood fan like you do with full kitchens. Also, you may not want to run too many things at once (microwave, toaster, coffe pot) as it could pop the circuit breaker. But other than that shouldn’t be a problem. Not a ton of room in the mini fridge though so I wouldn’t go wild in the Publix.


We use to take an electric pot with us - I’d make Kraft Dinner for my dd who refused to eat anything!:pinch: I think the sandwich maker is a great idea.


Mmm, that egg sandwich sounds delicious!


We have that same tea kettle from W-M. We use it when we go off without our camper. It’s great for coffee, instant oatmeal & instant grits.


Right after I pay Cavey the yearly dues.:tongue: :laugh:
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Speaking of fridge, just how much would it hold? I’m thinking a half gallon carton fits on the door? We are planning on using the DVC shopping thing where they get the stuff and put it in the fridge. Over the course of 10 days, we will be using 1 gallon of OJ, 1 qt milk, 12 oz of cheese, some butter and 2 doz eggs. Do you think all that would fit? I could get less OJ and eggs and buy them later, but if it fits, I wouldn’t have to make any special trips.