Cooking in your Room


We prepping for Thanksgiving in WDW. We booked a few dinners (Thanksgiving included) for this trip, but we opted out of the dining plan. For all our stays and intentions to do so, we never really eat in the room beyond breakfast.

So - what kinds of things do you make if you cook lunch/dinner in your room? We are driving down, so we intend to the stop at the Walmart, Target, or such for groceries. We want a little variety but we want to avoid wasting food or eating leftovers all week.

I am really looking for entrees - frozen veggies, noodles, etc are easily done. The entrees can’t have too much prep or too many ingredients: little in the way of extra condiments and spices like we’d have at home.

Some thoughts were:

Buying a precooked roast chicken
Beef stew in a crockpot (if we pack it)
Marinated pork loin to grill
Pasta (really don’t want to over do this one! :blow:) with red sauce or pesto

While we generally avoid the prepared and precooked aisles at the supermarket at home, this may be more practical and economical for WDW.


You could pre-cook some stuff at home thereby having it pre seasoned. Then finish it off at the room.


Why not do simple stuff for lunch? Sub Sandwhich fixings, fruit, chips, etc.?

I wouldn’t make anything too complicated. What’s the point? You’re going to be busy.

I just personally wouldn’t go through the trouble of cooking with a crock pot. I can totally see the rotisserie chicken being a good idea, though.

Pizza Rolls are yummy. And microwavable…

It may be around the same price to order a pizza and have it delivered as it would be to buy the ingredients to make something in your room…


Oh, wait - are you staying in a place with a kitchenette?? Cuz that changes everything.


We are doing both actually - I guess I should have specified. We are doing 3 nights in a studio and 6 nights in a 1BR. We aren’t too worried about the studio stay - but we would like to use the kitchen in the 1BR more. I plan on grocery shopping while we unpack after the move to the 1BR on Sunday AM.

We are coming from Philly and stopping in Savannah on way down. Precooking a bunch of stuff won’t really be practical.

Dare I say, my kids are foodies and will not be happy with PB&J or frozen pizza the whole week! They are already complaining we didn’t book 9 nights worth of table service meals. :crying:

I am actually going to cruise through the local Super Walmart this weekend. I am going to try to plan out a few meals on paper.


Sloppy joes and tator tots are always winners with my kids and a quick dinner.


I am actually going to cruise through the local Super Walmart this weekend. I am going to try to plan out a few meals on paper.[/QUOTE]

Sounds like a good plan. I think for myself, I wouldn’t want to put the effort to cooking more than once or twice in the week. Snacks are one thing but a whole meal…that’s too much like not a vacation for me. Unless it was “open bag, throw into oven, eat”…that I’m willing to do.:laugh:


Wal-Mart has some really cool pre-bagged meals. I’ve never bought them but I have seen them. It looks like several brands have their own.


The freezer section has those…

If they’re foodies, I have no idea what to suggest! Most foodies wouldn’t want pre-cooked, frozen food!!

Wal-Mart has a really cool take and bake pizza. I don’t care for it, but my kids love it.

I think Tyson makes a frozen fajita kit. It has everything you need in it, I believe. (Maybe not the shredded cheese?) I’ve seen it by the chicken nuggets, etc.


Super Target has TONS OF cool stuff! I just bought CREME BRULEE in the freezer section. It has two portions. YOu broil the sugar on the top. It is VERY YUMMY!


Publix Grocery Stores have the best chicken tenders. You buy them in their deli.



If they’re foodies, I have no idea what to suggest! Most foodies wouldn’t want pre-cooked, frozen food!!

They don’t - but they will make do. I typically avoid that pre-made stuff like the plague. It is usually more expensive than making from scratch and never as good. But it might actually work for us this time.

We are trying to pinch pennies. We passed on last year’s trip due to change in employment :pinch::mad:. We are committed to this year - just trying to make the best use of our money. We’d love nothing more than to go all out - just not in the cards this year.

We are doing Mickey’s BBQ for Thanksgiving, Ohana, Boma, and a couple others.


I have to disagree because I think the Crockpot is a great idea. At the end of the day, I just want to SIT and EAT… not do anything. I’m much more willing to prepare things in the morning.


There’s always MRE’s :laugh::laugh::laugh:


I’m sure you’ll find lots of good ideas at Wal-Mart. You’re gonna have such a great trip! :mickey:


I totally agree. I do want to say that we took at trip to Myrtle Beach this summer on a whim. I did not want to eat out and spend extra money that wasn’t budgeted for well in advance like I usually do. So we shopped for food and we STILL ate out. I think I probably spent more on the shopping than eating out. My advice would to bring everything you can from your own pantry including seasonings.

Now if I only would have thought about the crock pot!! Next time!


google Crockpot Girl for some great recipes. There’s some in there that I would’ve never thought about doing but would be great for a vacation while out all day.


I agree…crockpots are the best. We take a week long ski trip every winter and the crockpot has saved us tons of money. I prepare my meal in the morning before we hit the slopes and by the end of the day when we’re all tired an hungry we head back to the room for a delicious hot meal.


My mom and I overheard a grandma and her grandson heading back to their villa at the Boardwalk on one trip and the grandma was saying “I know, but we have to go back now so that I can put the turkey in the oven!” It was not Thanksgiving. :laugh: My mom was impressed with the grandma’s dedication to cooking while on vacation since she even hates cooking a turkey at home! LOL

Having said that, I think there is lots you can do that won’t be too time consuming or anywhere near close to the level of cooking a turkey!

You could get those Perdue short cuts precooked chicken packages and make chicken ceasar salads. I always love breakfast for dinner and that wouldn’t require too much seasoning or the kind of supplies you wouldn’t have in the villa.


I only had a full kitchen at WDW one time. I had four teenagers plus my DBF and I. I stuck to snack foods and grab and go items. I stayed away from cooking big meals. It just wasn’t what I personally wanted to do.

Items to consider that may make life easy:
frozen chicken patties (as sandwiches or as an entree)
anything pre-cooked that only requires to be heated…

it’s vacation after all and unless you truely enjoy cooking while on vacation, pick easy prepare and clean up after meals.